Tuesday, January 06, 2009

My Mum's Works! (2)

Sorry for not posting my stitching stuffs at all recently...
To be honest, I have been doing unwell, basically I have very low blood pressure and have been taking medicines, but I don't know it's working or not, I still have low blood pressure...
And so after when I had meal or after when I took a bath, I feel so sick (because blood pressure is getting be more low...), it's like having morning sickness... and can't move at all...
A doctor suggested me not to work or walk after that, but as having a little child, I can't have rest much...
These few months, it's getting harder than before, so I haven't been able to stitch much... sigh*

Anyways, so there is no photos to share about my stitching, I share some photos of my mum's works again instead.
I received a parcel from mum today and there were so many goodies for me and for my son (of course for my husband, too)!
She always put so many things with her heart, I really appreciate for her thoughtfulness.

Here is what I asked her to knit this year, knit camisole tunic!

When I saw this camisole tunic in the book, I fell in love and I asked her if it's possible.
And she said "Yes, I think I can do it!", so I was very excited when I saw this completed one today!!

Here are some close up photos.

I choose this button for this knit!

And she gave me surprise, she made other things, too!
This is a drawstring bag which I wanted!
She didn't forget what I said 2 years ago, and made it for me this year as she had yarn at home!

Inside of this bag, she used my favourite brown block check fabric, isn't this lovely?!

And also she made a knit cap for me (but if it doesn't suit for me, she said she would be happy if my son wear it), unfortunately it didn't suit for me AT ALL! and so I gave it to my son (he has big head, LOL)!

A bit big for him and actually he doesn't like wear caps, though, I told him it's made by his favourite grandma, so let's wear it when the weather is very very cold outside!

He loves my mum, so when he heard that this is made by my mum, he said "Yes!!" Pure boy! :)

My mum and I are talking on the phone almost everyday (we have IP phone, so it's free!), and she told me she is going to knit another cloths for me!!
She sounds having fun to make something for her children or grandchildren!
There are some previous engagement for her, SIL (my brother's wife) asked her to make kind of rucksacks for her children, so after she have done them she will knit for me! :)
She is busy, isn't she! :)

I hope I will be able to start cross stitch again soon.
Sorry to let you hear that I'm always unwell... honestly and basically I'm bit weak constitution, and have not physical strength, so if I have done something hard, I won't be able to do anything next day...

So, little by little, I hope I will be able to go forward.
I will make the list of this year's resolution later, and will post it to make me encourage by myself!

Take care and thank you so much for visiting!
Happy Stitching!


Missy Ann said...

Your mother's knitting is beautiful! And your son is so cute in his little hat.

Nina said...

Yuko, I hope you will get better soon!

Your Mum's knitting is absolutely fantastic! She is so talented!

All things beautiful said...

Hope you are feeling better & on the road to recovery. Miss all your beautiful work. Take care.

Wendy said...

hello Yuko,

I love your blog !
your son is so cute, and you are really blessed with a mum like yours !
hope you feel better soon, I'd like to see more of your and your mums work !Love from the Netherlands !

Annie said...

Your mother does such beautiful work. And the patterns are so interesting. I love the top and the adorable hat (on your adorable son).

Take care and I hope you start feeling better soon.

karenv said...

Your mum does fabulous work! That knitted camisole is just gorgeous, as is the bag and your son looks so cute in the hat :)

Sorry you've been feeling poorly, I hope 2009 is a better year for your health.

Julie said...

Your mum is a very talented lady, i can see where you get your talents from Yuko.

Your son looks cute in the hat.

Hope you are soon feeling much better and have bit more energy.

Nancy said...

Thank you for sharing photos of the beautiful things your mum has made. They are all so gorgeous! She is a very accomplished knitter - she does amazing work! And, your little boy looks so adorable in the hat.

I am so sorry to read that you are not well. I do hope that you will start to feel better soon. Your stitching is always lovely, and if you enjoy it you deserve to do it. Take care of yourself.

nima said...

wow...good to see your mom's finishes. She is equally talented like you or what to r equally talented like your mom.

your finishes always inspire and motivate me....hope and pray that you will get back to stitching soon

Sally said...

Yuko, I am sorry to hear that you are unwell. I hope that your health improves soon and that you are feeling much better.

I love the things your Mum has knitted for you. She has a wonderful talent. Your little boy looks so cute in the hat.

Irene said...

Your mom's work is beautiful ! Hope you feel better soon.

Olenka's Stitches said...

Wow! Your mother's crochet works are so neat and adorable! Lucky you!
Hope you feel better and we see your wonderful works soon.

Patti said...

Yuko your mom's work is gorgeous and you are so lucky to have her. I do hope you feel better soon and we some your stitching again because that is pure pleasure. Lots of love Patti xxx

Susimac said...

You take care of yourself my friend, and try not to over do it all. Your stitching can wait, it will always be there ready for when you fell up to starting again.

Your mums crochet and knitting are wonderful

Carol R said...

Sorry to hear you are feeling unwell Yuko - feel better soon!

Your mum's work is stunning - especially that gorgeous camisole tunic. I showed it to Kirby and she fell in love with it too! And Tass looks so sweet in the knit cap. You have a very talented mum!

staci said...

I'm continuing to love everything that your mum makes :) That camisole is gorgeous and LOVE the bag too!!!

Hope that you are feeling better soon, take care :)

Teri said...

Your Mom's work is beautiful! The camisole is extra special. Hope you feel better real soon!!

MARY said...

IT IS ABSOLUTELY LOVELY ! congratulations !