Monday, January 12, 2009

Thank you so much everyone.

Thank you so much everyone for sending me many ((hugs)) and thoughts and wishes.
My husband is now away in Singapore for business trip, but it's quite nice moment that I can be lazy! :)

Since I had terrible stomachache, I have a slight fever... I have no symptoms of cold at all, so I'm a bit worried.
But today it's still public holiday in Japan. so I will see a doctor of internal medicine tomorrow or as soon as I can.

We my mum and I are talking about my symptoms, and so my son and I may go back to my mum's home to be treated, so mum can help me when I'm sick.
Come to the conclusion, it's the first priority to get rid of my illness, otherwise I won't be able to even play with my son.

Thank you so much for your opinions, ideas etc... As you say, no I shouldn't worry about showing my butt to paramedics, should I? It was silly thoughts, I now think!
And I will try to tell my son about emergency call.

Unfortunately as we have moved to here about 3 months ago, and so there is no acquaintance yet to ask for example, to look after for my son while I'm at hospital, etc...
And in the cities, people don't care about others, and they don't want to get involved with others...

And my husband is very busy at work, he comes home very late always and he often be away for business trip (next week, too!), so my mum is also so worried about me and my son.
So probably my son and I will be back to my hometown, don't know yet when it will be...
And while my mum look after for my son, I will enter the hospital for a thorough medical checkup.

Actually I have had so many checks before, for breast cancer, uterine cancer, colon cancer, for ears and nose, etc... but nothing was found.
But the result of the test for hormone was serious, so I have been taking medicines.
The normal score is from 6.1 ~ 30.5 ng/ml, but mine was 108.0 ng/ml
It's obviously unusual.

It may sound a bit childish or be spoiled, but at the moment, It's quite hard for me to do both household and nursing with no help.
So I'm hoping I will be treated and recover as soon as possible in the countryside.

I like countryside, actually when I came back to my hometown, I feel relief, so it will effect nicely to my illness, I hope.

Thank you so much everyone for your thoughtfulness.
I really appreciate for your warm hearts.

Take care and have a lovely day!
Happy Stitching!


Melissa said...

Hi Yuko,

I hope you get some help and rest so you feel better and get back to stitching! Kidding aside, I do wish you a speedy recovery.

Nina said...

Dear Yuko,

First I hope you will get well soon!!
I wrote you an email, wrote you I think about you a lot and keep my fingers crossed. Please take care of yourself and visit the doctor.
Big hugs,

Jane said...

Take care, Yuko. I hope they find out what's wrong. So sad that you're not well.

Jurga said...

Take care, Yuko! I hope you get well soon and could get back to your wonderfuls works!

Nancy said...

Take care of yourself Yuko, and I am glad that your mum is there to help you. From your words it sounds like you will be happy and relieved to be in the countryside. If you do go can you please email me and tell me when you are there and give me address so I can mail your belated gift? Thank you! Hugs to you and your little boy!

Lelia said...

Sorry to read you aren't feeling well -- take good care!

Julie said...

Take care Yuko, i hope you are soon feeling a lot better. It will be nice for you to be able to relax when you are with mum and get well quicker.

Doris said...

is a good thing that your mother could help you,i hope you can feel good ,and that your health is totally recovery soon.Take care, ((hugs))

Mãe da Rita said...

Today I won't talk about your illness anymore;-) I 'll talk about your award: it's Portuguese (perhaps from Brazil because they have a huge internet universe)and says something like « this blog makes an investment in proximity». This is a very close translation but I think you can understand: the idea is that your blog makes people closer... I think it's true, your blog «calls» people, lol! Beautiful pics in the more recent post (Japan as such a variety of beautiful things to see...). A challenge for you: show us were do you stitch, your special place at home in a photo! Then, challenge 3 other stitchers! I 'll challenge Cindi and other of my foreign bloggers. I´ll post mine this week. Hugs!

staci said...

{{HUGS}} Yuko...I'm thinking of you and wishing you well. It's very hard to be ill and have a little one to take care of~~I hope the doctors are able to help you soon.

Pumpkin said...

Congrats on your award!

You are not being selfish at all! I was in a similar position last month when I had the flu. DH was away and I had no one to look after my dog. I could barely get to the bathroom and back to the bed :o( Luckily my mom drove 45 minutes into town to take the dog. It would be nice if you could have your mother closer because it will be hard for you to look after your son if something happens. Take care my friend.

Solstitches said...

Get well soon Yuko! I hope with your mother looking after both you and your little boy you'll be able to rest and recover.
Sending you a big hug (((( )))