Friday, January 16, 2009

Sale & Trade

I'm not feeling well to stitch yet, so I just have made another blog "Sale & Trade".
I'm selling some charts that I don't use anymore, if you are interested in, please visit

I also do trade, so if you have something that you don't need anymore
(charts or linen), please ask me anytime!
It's still a bit under construction, I will add links
for you to see the charts' photos easily, later!


Anonymous said...

hi yuko i am so so sorry that you have been unwell have not had time to catch up on the blogs lately but i send my love and hope that you get well soon.. really soon. thanks for letting us know about your sale and trade blog will just take a peak now.. no honest i really mean it just peaking lol maybe i will just buy one or two things then you know just to add to the stash.. lol

Doris said...

i hope you feel well soon,take care.hugs.