Saturday, January 24, 2009

Sweet PIF gift from Sally!

Thanks for stopping by my blog even though I haven't been posting anything about cross stitch recently... And I really appreciate for your warm and kind Get Well Wishes, so much.

Yesterday when I was going out, I found a puffy envelope in the mail box, and I guessed if it's from
Sally as she noticed me that she sent the PIF gift to me a while ago!
And Bingo! I saw her name on the envelope, I couldn't resist to open it even though I had to go out!! So just before I go, I opened it at the entrance and Oh... Sally did make my day indeed!!
Just look at this Sweet sweet present that she made for me... I was so touched!

This is my first SB work, I love SB's designs, but I haven't been having no chance to stitch them until now somehow... (I have some kits, though!)
She red my blog and found that I like sheep designs and also SB, so she told me that she thought this is the right design for my PIF gift!!

She added linen laces around the edge and also added white roses on four corners!
Isn't this just so sweet?!

And there is a word about friendship, the design is "Friendship Lamb" by Shephered's Bush.
It touched my heart... Thank you, Sally!
Her stitching and finishing is awesome, just perfect!!

And here is a photo of backing fabric she choose for this design, isn't it perfect match?
I like everything Sally!!
I forgot to take photos, though she also added a postcard of Swan Island and her message card was sheep design! :)

By the way, I have so many photos in my PC, actually in the memory stick (is it said USB memory?).
A few days ago, the alert has appeared on the screen to say it's full, so I bought new one.
This time I bought this lovely pink stick, it looks like lip stick, isn't it?!
So now I can keep my photos (most of them are sweetie's photos!) till they will be 4 GB in the stick.

By the way, thank you so much everyone for purchasing many of charts from my "Sale and Trade" blog!
I really appreciate for you all. I also should downsize so many my craft materials as my husband found them and nagged me when we had argument last night (lol), whew...
So when I settled down at my mum's home, I will open the "Sale and Trade" blog again, and next time I'm thinking to sell some materials, too.
Anyways, your ordered items are already sent yesterday!
Now they are on their way, so please wait for a while...

I'm stitching only few lines each day and little by little when I feel OK.
My this year's resolution is to make and send present for my friends' Birthday in time, so I want to stitch and finish it, if I could.
Resolution is just a resolution and
Carol R. told me that resolutions are made to be broken!
So I shouldn't be so serious, though! :)

Hope I feel better soon and be able to share some stitching post!
Take care and Happy Stitching!


Brigitte said...

The SB gift you received from Sally is just so lovely. Nicely stitched and so beautifully finished. Enjoy.

Daffycat said...

The PIF gift from Sally is wonderful! What a darling little sheep! Finding puffy envelopes in the mail is such a thrill!


Nancy said...

Your gift is beautiful Yuko! The colors are so soft, and the little roses are a very pretty touch to the design. Hope you are feeling better!

Melissa said...

What a beautiful gift Sally made for you! It's bound to brighten your day a little. Feel better soon.

Sally said...

I am so pleased that you like your PIF gift from me:) It was a pleasure to stitch something for you.

Feel better soon.

staci said...

That is a really beautiful PIF~~it looks perfect for you :) I hope that you are feeling a bit better, {{hugs}}

Cindy F. said...

Sally's PIF to you is incredible! She did a beautiful stitching and finishing job!
Hope you are feeling better:)

Theresa said...

What a great gift!!!!!
Good to know you are feeling a little bit better, and I hope you will be back to your oldself again very soon!!!

Anonymous said...

Very beautiful gift!
I hope you are feeling better :)

Susan @ Real Girl Designs said...

Your PIF gift from Sally is adorable - I love it!

I'm glad you are feeling a little better. I hope that your health continues to improve!

Olga said...

The PIF gift from Sally is just fabulous!
Get well soon.

Andrea said...

A wonderful PIF from Sally. I love the roses on the corners.

Carmen said...

the gif are so cute!!
i hope you feel better and better, take care.

Carol R said...

A beautiful PIF gift from Sally - the roses are gorgeous as well as the lovely stitching.

Ooo a pink memory stick - so girly - I love it!

Hugs SMILe xx

angelasweby said...

What a beautiful gift you received from Sally. It's such a sweet design and she had finished it beautifully. I love the little trim and tiny rpsebuds. The colours she has used are so pretty, soft and delicate.

I am so glad you are now settle at your mums and can begin to get better. You know that I am thinking of you :>)

I love the pretty pink USB memory stick. I have one too but mine is not as pretty as yours..haha!
Please take care and get well soon.
Warm hugs, Angela

Carolyn said...

What a beautiful gift and so deserving! I, too, LOVE SB designs and have many in my stash to stitch up. Ah...maybe someday!

Thank you for your sweet post about my grandbabies. I'll be posting more pictures for you soon. :)

I hope you are feeling better each and every day!

Carolyn :)

Tanja said...

What a beautiful gift, I love the finishing and the back fabric!

This week I heard someone say "instead of resolutions I use the word intentions". Much better word I think!


geeky Heather said...

That sheep from Sally is very lovely!

And you are very welcome for the award! Yes, I have been to Japan and I enjoyed the trip very much. It is still my favorite vacation we have taken (even more than London and Paris, but I was very sick in Paris!) We went on many tours with the JTB, and they were all wonderful; the JTB took such good care of us and made sure someone was always with us. This was very good, because neither I nor my husband speak any Japanese at all! I can say "good morning" and "thank you" and "excuse me" (sumimasen) and a few other things, but that is it!!

It was fun to order food in the restaurants by pointing at the pictures! The best meal was at "Ninja" in Tokyo!! They were so good to us, though we did not speak Japanese, but the servers were very kind and our meal was wonderful!

Julie said...

Beautiful PIF from Sally.

Loreta said...

What a lovely gift!
I hope you are feeling better:)

Dorothy said...

Yuko, your gift from Sally was wonderful.
I hope you are feeling a little bit better every day.

arcadia's corner said...

Hi Yuko ! That's Arcadia ! I've had a bunch of computer troubles, and closed my old blog, but I keep thinking of you. It's the first time I can come back to your blog since I started to have email/web troubles, so I'm really happy to read you again, and very sad you are so ill. I hope you will find out soon what's wrong, and that it's not too serious. Hugs++++
Your mother's knits are wonderful, and I loved looking at all the pics you posted since I last came loooooong time ago
Take care, and have a lot of rest
Hugs from france

Ele said...

Dear Yuko,

Sally's PIF for you looks beautiful and perfect!
How are you, are you feeling better and did you receive my mail a few days ago?

Whish you my best and a nice weekend


Siobhán said...

What a lovely PIF gift! I hope you are feeling better soon. I enjoy your blog!

Rachel V said...

That's quite a lovely gift from Sally, Yuko!