Saturday, May 02, 2009

Herb Garden

The other day, we drove down to very country side to get fresh tomatoes.
But we were late, fresh tomatoes were gone...
So instead buying tomatoes, we went to Herb Garden.

Behind this building, there is herb garden, but this time we didn't go in, we just went into the shop and bought some herb breads, etc...

Inside the shop, there are so many herbal goods, like aroma oils, shampoo, soaps, cosmetics, etc... I have used herb shampoo before, and it was very natural and good.

We bought some breads and had Hibiscus tea (with honey).
It's so tasty, we often buy it and have it in summer with ice.

Bunny! We love bunnies, so my son was so excited to see this stone bunny!
He is lovely, isn't he!

We found beehive, oh woo...

Sorry, I have done two secret projects, but I can't show them yet, so nothing special to show on here...
But thanks for visiting and thanks for your comments, always!
I really appreciate for them!

Tomorrow, we are going out for shopping to buy my lovely niece's (my older brother's daughter) Birthday Present!
What will she ask her grand-ma to buy???
Take Care + Happy stitching!


Patti said...

Boy did you two have a nice day out. I love bunnies too and I think I might even have bought him because he is so cute. Lots of Love Patti xxx

Deb said...

Looks like you had a wonderful day out!

Angela said...

The herb garden looks lovely. What a great place to visit and that little stone bunny is so sweet.
Enjoy your day shopping. Can't wait to see what you're stitching.
Love Angela

Nancy said...

The Herb Garden looks like a very fun shop. I am glad you had a nice time out. Enjoy your bread and tea! I love the stone bunny. He is beautiful!

I hope you have fun shopping for the birthday present.