Saturday, July 25, 2009

Kazuko Aoki "Rose is a rose" Framed!

About a week ago, I went to a big art and craft shop and bought some frames!
And I framed Kazuko Aoki's "Rose is a rose" (<= I just named it in English, in Japanese ”薔薇はバラ色(bara wa bara iro)”.

As you may know that I stitched this piece for two, one is for mum and another one is for myself.
We bought the same frame and now she is hanging on the wall in the bathroom.

Here is mum's. There were blank area both top and bottom so as always I added laces.
I added different laces for mum's and mine, I like mine (lol)!

Here is mine, I added a lace which was given by Arcadia in France before! It's so beautiful lace and I love it!
I added some close up photos of laces below...

Here is mum's...

And this is mine!

Which do you like?? :D
Now I have been working on two CCN designs!
I have so many WIPs, and have to organize, but even I wrote them on the notebook to organize, I couldn't...
Because a beautiful French design just have messed up my plan, lol
I can't resist to start it, but have to be patient for a while!!!

Take care and have a lovely weekend!
Thanks for your visit and thanks for purchasing from my Sale and Trade blog!

Bye for now,

Design : Book "バラと暮らす" ("Bara to kurasu") by Kazuko Aoki
Fabric : 12B Fremme Linen
Thread : DMC


Nancy said...

Kazuko Aoki's designs are very pretty, and I only recently heard of them. You did a gorgeous job Yuko! I love lace so I like both yours and your mums!

I am also trying to stitch and finish all my WIPs. Good luck to you! It's a good feeling, isn't it?

Dovilė said...

absolutely stunning:) I love them both:)

Julie's Keepsakes said...

Yuko, these pieces are absolutely lovely. You did a wonderful job at using the laces. :D

Colleen said...

They are both lovely!! I don't think I could pick one over the other :) As usual, you're work is gorgeous!

Vaida said...

They both are wonderful, and the laces just add some exquisite charm

Berit said...

So pretty! As for the lace embellishment, I prefer the one you put on your piece, Yuko-san!

Lol, as a funny note on mistranslations, as I was reading the details on the design and fabric and etc, I looked at the romaji for the title, and in glancing translated it to myself as "Rose and Crow" lol!!!

So, I laughed and looked again ("Oh, it was 'kurasu', not 'karasu'!! Of Course! Imagine an x-stitch book with such a title!" But, I don't know that word/kanji. So, then I had to bust out my kanji dictionary (I have a handy one for my Nintendo DS that lets you write in words and looks them up for you. BUT the stroke order counts, and if it is wrong it won't find it. So, gaijin that I am, it is sometimes more trouble than it's worth! I was proud of myself when I only had to try writing it twice before I got it. (The first time I was too slow, and so the software went ahead and looked up based on only the top segment I had written.)

So, Kurasu seems to mean living, or to live. Immediately, I thought of that french phrase, "La vie en rose". So, how would you translate the title? "The life of a Rose"? Or more literally "Rose and Life"? How about "The Rosy Life"? :)

Carol R said...

Both 'Roses' are stunning Yuko. I could not choose between them.

Karoline said...

They're both lovely Yuko, congratulations

Doris said...

beautiful stitching Yuko, i can´t decide btwen both lace, because both are beautiful.

Sève said...

It's so nice ! I like Kazuko Aoki's work very much.
Your blog is very pretty !