Sunday, July 12, 2009

A Hot Summer day in Japan!!

Today the summer festival of our little town was held at the shrine where is placed very near by my mum's house.
The weather is so humid and hot today, but very fine day for the festival!!

We often go to this shrine especially in the summer to catch cicadas with kids!
This year I must go there again and again with Sweetie, I'm sure!

There was a big ring which was made by thatch (It is called "Chi no wa" in Japanese), and it is said that you went through this ring as like write "8" three times, you can drive evil sprites out!

This is the signboard of how to go through "Chi no wa"
And we went through like the signboard and went to the center of the shrine to pray!

The most biggest event for us were this and that (photo below)!
The first scooping goldfish for Sweetie!!
He couldn't scoop any goldfishes and me either (shame...).
But neighbours gave us 4 goldfishes, thank you an old man (Ojisan)!

Here is catch yo-yoes! Sweetie could get 4 yo-yoes!
Well done!!

Actually neighbors tried to let him catch easily, that's why!
Thank you again!!
Sweetie seemed so happy to do these kind of games!

And when we were going back, fire engine was there in front of the shrine to train!
He was so happy to see fire engine so close.

A member of fire fighters told Sweetie to board!
Sweetie was a bit nervous, and when I said him to pause to take a photo, he did "4" with his fingers, it means 4 years old, why? Was he very confused?? (lol)

When we were going back home there was a flower field which was made by townsfolk, I liked this Hydrangea, isn't it beautiful??

And just in front of our house, we found a beautiful blue dragonfly!
As you may know that I hate insects or bugs, but this time I thought it's beautiful, and I wanted to give Sweetie chances to catch it!
This dragonfly didn't escape from us at all, he flied around but soon he came back to us.
So I told Sweetie that he wants to play with us! I thought so, and so does Sweetie!

Sweetie touched him, and seemed SO happy!!!
Sweetie was talking to him, "Mr. Dragonfly (Tombo-san), Let's play together tomorrow, too, OK? and please come to my garden, too!"
It was so sweet to hear! :D

Finally we came back home, whew the weather was too fine, I was quite tired.
Here are 4 goldfishes, I put them in the water plant as it is (in the plastic bag) which is our old and big goldfish's home, then 2 hours later we let them in the water.
I thought if the old big goldfish try to attac them?, but she/he didn't! Good girl/boy!

Japanese humid and hot summer will last long, whew!
I wrote we are livint without air-con on the last post, though today we switched on!!!
In the hot summer, I become to like Tatami or Igusa-mat (which is Sweetie is lying down in the photo) that is quite cool!

Thanks for your visit!
And have a lovely weekend!!


Nina said...

Wonderful pictures!!
This thatch ring sound so interesting!
Your Sweetie is a big boy and how talented he is! Good to see him! :)
Hydrangea is one of my favs flowers, beautiful!

Yuko, I hope you are both havong a great fun summer and you are fine too!


Patti said...


Sweetie is looking more and more like a little boy and less and less like a baby :-( It just happens so fast like in the blink of an eye.

Thank you so much for sharing your lovely pictures and I hope you are feeling well like and having a great summer.

Lots of Love

Patti xxx

Dovilė said...

wonderful, thanks Yuko:)

CindyMae said...

It sounds and looks like a wonderful and fun filled day!!!

Theresa said...

Sounds like a wonderful summer day you had!!!

Susan said...

Great pictures!! Thanks for sharing. :)

Evik said...

they are so very beautiful pictures!

Have a very nice summer!


Andrea said...

Wonderful photos, thank you for sharing them with us.

Dorothy said...

Wonderful photos Yuko, thank you for sharing them with us. The Festival sounds like a wonderful tradition, no wonder Sweetie looked like he was having so much fun.

Rachel said...

Thanks for posting your family's visit to the shrine! I always love reading about your family trips! Your son is adorable!