Friday, July 17, 2009

Tote Bag FOR Sweetie!

From a week ago, Sweetie is going to Preschool!
In Japan a new term starts from April, Sweetie was going to another Preschool in my area, but as my physical condition was very bad and weak in Feb and May, we came back to my mum's home.
I payed all money for the Preschool, but they couldn't refund it, well c'est la vie...

By the way, recently most of kids go to Preschool from 3 years old, so even we went to parks nobody is playing... so Sweetie wanted to have friends.
So I asked the most nearest Preschool from my mum's home, soon the director accepted him to go there!
They are very kind and nursery cost is very cheaper than the city one where I lived!

City Preschool where Sweetie was going to was very strict, let mums make bags etc and everything and all the size was decided, etc... but this Preschool where now Sweetie goes is very free, so we very like it so much.
Teachers are so nice and kind, gentle, everything is great!

This Preschool doesn't need any handmade bags, etc... but I wanted to make something for Sweetie, so as Sweetie loves rabbit, I choose this pattern from gazette94 and stitched to make a bag!
Actually I just stitched, and mum made it into a tote bag! :D

Here is a photo of us go to Preschool by walk, the Preschool is placed only 5 minutes by walk!
Sweetie is a very good boy to exchange greetings, his voice is very cheerful and loud and so teachers always praise Sweetie, and so I'm very proud of him!

At the moment, he comes back at noon as trial, but from August he will stay there until 3 pm!
It means my stitching time will be secured!! Woo Hoo!
But Sweetie hates veges and fruits and to take a nap, so I'm worried about school lunch and nap time...
I hope he will do the same as other children do! :D

Design : Freebie ©
Fabric : 32ct Belfast Linen (White)
Thread : DMC


Adriana Ortiz said...

Congratulation to Sweetie !!
I'm whit my litle one (3 years old)and he like the rabbit too.
And the train,jajajaja.

Beautiful work,Yuko.


Nancy said...

This is a very cute tote bag you made for Sweetie! I love the rabbit, and your mum did a beautiful job of sewing. It sounds like he enjoys kindergarten very much, and it is important that you are happy where he is going. That is wonderful! He looks so cute with his yellow hat! Enjoy your weekend Yuko.

Theresa said...

This bag is so cute~~~ So nice sweetie is going to school~

Nina said...

Congratulations for Sweetie :))
This tote bag is so cute and a lovely work, Yuko!
I hope he enjoyj the kindergarten!


Terri(TerriBoog) said...

Yeah for your son! He'll have so much fun and will make so many new friends. The bag you made him is darling, Yuko. You and your mom did a great job!

Margaret said...

Beautiful tote bag! You and your mom are so creative and talented. I bet your son is going to love being at his new kindergarten. And I bet he'll be fine with the food and nap time too. He can always just lie there quietly during nap time like I remember doing in kindergarten!

Cari said...

What a lovely bag you made for your son - the rabbit pattern is so cute!

Wow, Kindergarten - how exciting for him and how nice for you to have extra stitching time.

Enjoy your weekend.

Cari in VA

staci said...

What a cute bag! Good luck to Sweetie at kindergarten, I'm sure he'll have lots of fun!!! Enjoy your extra stitching time Yuko :)

Solstitches said...

I'm sure that Sweetie is going to love going to kindergarten with his new friends.
Hopefully he will soon come to love his fruits and veggies too :)
Such a cute bag you made for him Yuko.
Sweetie will be the envy of all his friends

Dovilė said...

very cute tote bag you made Yuko, I hope your son enjoy the kindergarten!

Rachel said...

Good luck to your Sweetie! I love his yellow hat :)

Your bunny bag is cute.

Thanks for sharing.

Sally said...

Very cute tote bag! I bet your sweetie loves it. I hope he has a wonderful time at kindergarten:)

CindyMae said...

Congrats and good luck to your Sweetie! Love the bag and finish, too cute!!

Please stop by my blog and see the July 17th post as there is something there for you!!

Anonymous said...

Well, I suppose the little man will have to learn enjoying vegies and fruit... and keep quiet during nap hours... Part of his education. Don't worry... be happy !

Nina said...

Dear Yuko,

I see you were on my blog today, but I want to tell you I gave you an award, please read here:


Flores Hayes said...

beautiful work!!!

my roommate bought a panda bag!
She is just THRILLED with it and can’t put it down.

Laura said...

That is such a lovely bag for school. My Sweetie will start Kindergarten in September. She is nervous to go to Big Kid school (that is what she calls it) but I know she will do well and so will your Sweetie too!

gazette94 said...

Congratulations to you and your mum for this lovely bag, I am sure your Sweetie will enjoy school , and I am proud you choose this pattern !!

Brigitte said...

Oh Yuko, I love the little rabbit. Your son will be so pleased with his new tote bag.