Sunday, October 19, 2008

Birthday Present FROM Jessie

Today while I was out visiting a doctor, a parcel from Singapore arrived to my home, and so when my husband picked me up at pharmacy he brought it for me to open it in a car.
The gift was from
Jessie, she waited for me to let her know my new address.
Here they are, she totally spoiled me!

Once I opened the parcel, I was so surprised! There were a lovely round box in there and in the box there were so many goodies all in Pink!
As she knows that I love Pink (so she does!), she gathered craft materials in pink and made a pink box for me!

And another puff envelope, there was a pink frame, she stitched "Strawberry Girl" © Tralala for me!
It's such a lovely design, and I LOVE it!

Did you already realize it?
She personalized it as stitched my blog name "Be Happy" in the design, how sweet she is!
She also added laces on the top and bottom, it does suit for this pink frame so much!

Here is a photo of inside pink box! She added 2 Flat Fats fabrics, ribbon, heart buttons, tassels, Cashel linen (28ct carnation pink), DMC threads!
Ohh... I'm still excited!
There was also a Lizzie*Kate chart (Faith Hope Love), how generous she is!

Thank you SO much Jessie for such a wonderful present!
I'm totally overwhelmed by everything you sent me!

AJ my husband is so jealous, but do I deserve these wonderful gifts from friends???
I really appreciate for my dear friends, Thank you so much everyone!


Nancy said...

A wonderful present from Jessie! Everything is so beautiful and pink! I love Strawberry Girl. It is such a happy design, and your friend did a lovely job. I love the frame and the lace she added. You deserve everything Yuko!

Irene said...

Such a great present. Love the design and personalization she gave it.

Jessie said...

So happy to hear that you like it Yuko! Have a sweet beautiful year ahead!

Dovilė said...

Perfect gift for you Yuko!

Olenka's Stitches said...

What a nice present with a personal touch! Everything is so pretty.

Carol R said...

A wonderful gift from Jessie. Strawberry Girl looks delicious and I love how she personalised it with Be Happy!

Julie said...

Superb gift

Susan said...

What a lovely gift you received, Yuko. I love all the pink, too! That's my favorite color!

C Mon Monde said...

You are now "pretty in pink"!!

Jane said...

What a lucky girl you are, Yuko. Such a beautiful, well thought of present. Enjoy!

Ginte said...

OMG, what a wonderful gift! I've seen only a picture on Jessie's page, but here I've seen the whole gift. Lucky you:)