Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Birthday Present FOR Su!

It's Su's birthday today, Happy birthday dear my friend!

I've got a lovely e-mail from her to let me know that she received a birthday gift from me safely!

It was a bit early gift, though as I was doing packing and was busy on moving, I didn't want to lose the parcel, so I sent it earlier.

Anyway, here it is, what I made for her birthday.
I made a Tilda Snail for her, as I knew that she loves Snails!

I made her shell with dark brown polka dot,
mine has a black polka dot shell, so they are sisters!
Su told me that she is going to call her "Mog", I'm happy she has got a lovely name!

Here is Mog's close up photo.

She has make up on her cheeks, she is lovely, isn't she?
And here is her shell.

I added dark brown woolly lace and crochet flower on her shell.
They (Su's and mine) are very alike, just have different colour shells, they are like twins! :)

I wanted to stitch something for Su, but since I've been packing and unpacking, had no time to stitch.
I was quite worried because Su is a wonderful crafter, I knew that she made SO lovely bears!
But I'm so happy that she loves this Snail!

I also have sent her a flower vase (red one), it's made by plastic.
Here is a photo of it.
It's quite unique, but lovely, isn't it?

This photo was taken by my mobile phone, so it's not so clear, though.
I also have this, but somewhere yet in the boxes!

Today I received a parcel from my mum, there were some craft materials and a lovely tote bag which my mum's friend made for me!
Now I have been working on "Blessings Be Thine" by Blackbird Designs, it's about 50% done now.
Next time I will show you a new tote bag and my stitching progress!

Happy Birthday, Su!
Take care and Thanks for stopping by.

Book : Tilda Sommer


Nina said...

How cute snail!
Yuko you are so smart :)

Nataliya said...

Wunderschöne Schnecke für wunderschöne Dame!!!

Julie said...

What a wonderful gift for Su, i love 'MOG', she's adorable.

Annie said...

I love your snail, especially the crocheted flower. You do such beautiful work.

Nancy said...

Mog is lovely! Su must be thrilled to have received such a lovely snail. The vase is very pretty too.

I hope you are having good days with unpacking Yuko and that you are able to stitch a little too. Take care, and don't work too hard.

flom said...

Lovely snail , it's a beautiful gift

Anonymous said...

super joli

hohla said...

Tilda - Bravo!!!

La Madricaine said...

Do you speak french Yuko ? I saw your mail on the Tilda Addict blog.
I live in Cincinnati (USA) but I'm french.
Your snail is very cute and I love all your projects.

Dovilė said...

So cute snail, wonderful work, Yuko:)

Carla said...

adorable...that's a lovely birthday gift :)

Theresa said...

Mog is sooo cute~~~ What a lovely snail!!

Carol R said...

A lovely snail Yuko, I am sure Su is delighted!

Tammy said...

How delightful, you are sooo talented!

Loreta said...

What a beautiful gift!

Irishenchantment said...

cute stitching :)

come visit me you have been tagged :)

Susan said...

That's so cute! I know Su will adore it!

Susimac said...

Thankyou so much my dear friend, I love my Mog she is so pretty, and I love all the lovely extras that you have sent me too, My wee Mog is happily sitting alongside Rosie bear, they have become firm friends - a bit like us really.

Love and Hugs

Olenka's Stitches said...

You've made a wonderful present for SU, the snail is just so adorable..

Dani - tkdchick said...

What an adorable gift Yuko! You are truly talented!

Jurga said...

Oh, what a beautiful snail!!! She is so pretty, I love lace and flower especially :)

Christine said...

What a beautiful gift, who would hav thought snails could be so cute

carmen said...

bonjour, je trouve ton escargot trés réussi, j'adore ton blog

Karoline said...

The snail is too cute, congratulations

Anne said...

Wow Yuko your snail is so beautiful! Su must have been really happy to receive such a cute present

Rachel said...

Wow! I love the Tilda snail you made for your friend Su. I'm sure she will love it!!

Can't wait to see the progress you've made on your cross stitch projects!

I'm still using the strawberry shortcake fob I purchased from you! It definitely helps me keep track of my scissors ;)

I can't wait to see what you make next for your Etsy store!

Lillie said...

Mog is sooo cute and you finished it beautifully, especially the crocheted flower and your choice of fabric is lovely.

Lucky Su!

Ele said...

Oh, your little Tilda snail looks very cute and so beautiful Yuko!
su can be happy.

Hugs Gabriele

Martamadrid said...

That cute snail reminds me to a flamenco snail, doesn't it?. It also look a very smart flamenco type. Congratulations both to Sue for getting such a present, and to you for making it.

Marie said...

lovely birthday gift, your snail is adorable !

Jessie said...

Very lovely colour snail!

angelasweby said...

Oh Yuko,
Your little snail is so so pretty. She looks as if she has put on her best clothes and is just waiting for her friends for a tea party :>) No wonder Su is thrilled with her.

I had never heard of Tilda until a short while ago and now, I really want to find out more..haha!
Hugs, Angela