Saturday, October 18, 2008

Birthday Present FROM Su

Yesterday I found a parcel in my mailbox and it was from Su!
It's always so pleasure to receive a parcel from Su, and I was extremely excited this time, too and so I opened it soon with my son (Tass my son always excite to open the parcel with me!).

She sent me a birthday present! Here is what she presented me.
I was just speechless...

Please look what was inside the parcel... They all are stunning, aren't they?!
I DO love everything she sent me, how sweet they are.
I love the scent of perfume so much, beautiful flower print fabric, pearl heart ornament, and birds ornament, she knows what I love!!

Here is a close up photo, you know from this photo, how beautifully done her stitching is!
She stitched a birthday cake by Brookes Books and made it into a little pillow ornament.This is very beautifully stitched (just perfect!) and she added some embellishments, they are sparkling and very beautiful!

Here is a photo of fabric and ribbon and shell parts on the back.
They are just beautiful, aren't they?
It's so delicate and so soft colours, and more beautiful in the real life!
I will definitely treasure them all, Thank you so much Su!
I really appreciate for your sweet heart!


Susimac said...

I'm so happy that it arrived safe and sound - even though late and that you loved it ((hugs))

lisenn said...

Hello, it's the first time for me on your blog, and I love it !
Very nice !!!!

Nancy said...

Your gift from Su is very beautiful and all the special touches make it so very special!

Andrea said...

A beautiful present from Su.

Theresa said...

What a great present!!! Su always do great stitching~

Julie said...

Very pretty

Olenka's Stitches said...

That is a very special gift , I am sure you will treasure it for ever.

angelasweby said...

Su has sent you a really exciting package - a beautifully finished delicate little pillow ornament in whisper soft colours and such pretty gifts to go with it. Oooh, I just love that gorgeous fabric :>)
Warm hugs, Angela

Carol R said...

A gorgeous gift from Su. Beautifully stitched and finished with some added touches. Lucky Yuko!