Friday, October 03, 2008

HoE Prairie Schooler Exchange FOR Karen

Got back to blogland! Finally from today I can use Internet at new home!
I'm totally behind from everything, blogging, e-mailing, etc...

My life is busy with unpacking and looking after my little son, but I think I will be able to settle down a bit in a few weeks.
Anyway, I've received a comment from Karen to let me know that she received HoE (Hooked on Exchange) Prairie Schooler Exchange from me safely!

I was quite worried because it took so much time to get to Australia from Japan, and as I worried it has stopped at Customs and they opened my parcel and had confiscated the tea bags I enclosed.
Why why?? They were just normal tea, though!
(I shouldn't have wrote down what I added in the parcel on the paper for Customs, I'm too honest, lol)
Moreover they checked my Pinkeep which I made for her, and untied the ribbon... it's sad, isn't it.
But I'm relieved that they didn't confiscate the Pinkeep either, and am happy to hear that she likes everything what I sent her!

Here is what I made for her with PS design.

I have several of PS charts, but as I felt that Karen has an elegant taste, I thought this design would be suit for her.
This is from A Prairie Garden (OOP chart), and I made it into a pinkeep.
One day, I want to stitch all the flowers on one piece, and want to frame it!

This photo is a bit over flashed, though it's more quiet in the real life.
Here is a photo of pins that I made with clay rose top.

And here is a photo of backing fabric.
This time I used marbled plain cloth for this pinkeep.

I'm very glad to hear that she likes this!
Thanks for lovely words for this Karen, I was enjoyed to stitch and make this for you!

Thank you so much everyone for many comments and Hugs for me in the last post.
I'm missing her so much, but c'est la vie...
Your words made me feel positive, thank you again!

Thank you so much for signing up for my PIF.
I have never though that such many people would sign up for my PIF.
I'd appreciate for you all.
I have been still taking sign up for my PIF member until this coming Sunday!
Please feel free to leave comment
on the last post, if you are interested in!

Design : "A Prairie Garden" © Prairie Schooler
Fabric : 32ct Belfast Linen (Cream / Ivory)
Thread : DMC
Finished as : Pinkeep


Sally said...

Oh Yuko your pinkeep for Karen is so beautiful. It's a shame that customs untied the ribbon.

When you have time please email me your address so that I have it when I have stitched your PIF.

Caro said...

pfff, I heard from a biscornu full of lavender that has been cut with a knife by customs, they checked for drugs. The biscornu was hurted !!
I'm not sure if somebody would hide drugs into tea bags, either... Perhaps 'm too naive.
anyway, I hope that your unpacking is getting well :)

Annie said...

The ways of customs are always mysterious. But glad your package arrived safely. The pinkeep is beautiful. I just adore those little roses.

karenv said...

What a gorgeous exchange! Such a shame that customs opened it, but I'm sure Karen is thrilled with it, it's beautiful :)

All things beautiful said...

What adorable rose pins! Did you make them? Do take some photos and share your expertise please. It's really lovely.

Hope you will settlewell into your new place.

Irishenchantment said...

absolutley gorgeous as usual yuko although i am also sad that customs got at it grr! glad the unpacking is all done and you finallh have internent access again ;)

Julianne said...


It is such a lovely pinkeep. The rose pins are really a great touch.

Karoline said...

It's a gorgeous pinkeep Yuko, congratulaions

Dovilė said...

fresh anf beautiful pinkeep :)

Little Rabbit Miniatures said...

Such a beautiful finising, always so lovely to visit your blog

Julie said...

Such a lovely pinkeep, such a shame about the ribbon. The rose buds are superb, you are so talented.

Theresa said...

This is so beautiful!!!! Love the rose Pins~

Customs are always a pain.... Our parents sent us a package full of moon cakes last year and they took away all forty of them, all we got was an empty box.... I'm glad they didn't take away your lovely pin keep!!

Rowyn said...

New Zealand and Australia both have strict bio-controls because of their unique wildlife and environments. I can understand them checking the tea, although removing the ribbon from the pinkeep seems very harsh. It is such a beautiful pinkeep - well done!

Anne S said...

Unfortunately Australia is the worst for Customs controls - I've had envelopes opened and checked that just had floss and ribbon in it! They definitely don't like tea or other plant materials - the list is endless. Glad to hear your pinkeep made it through, though, even if it was a bit 'unmade' by the time it arrived. And I'll get to see it in 'real life' soon when I visit Karen, yippee :) Your exchange piece is stunning as always :)

Cathy B said...

Yuko, your pinkeep for Karen is beautiful!

Nancy said...

Yuko this is a very elegant and gorgeous pinkeep! Your stitching is so perfect, and I love the little flowers you used and especially the bead on the top. They are unique touches that make this pinkeep very special!

María said...

¡Es precioso!
Un saludo, María

Marie said...

your pinkeep is PERFECT ! a beauty....
i will answer to your email this week end.

Carol R said...

A stunning pinkeep with beautiful rose pins.

Rachel said...

OMG! I love the pinkeep you made for your friend. It is beautiful!

And the rose pins are absolutely gorgeous!!! You are quite the artist when it comes to making clay objects.

Keep up the lovely work!

Jennifer/OH said...

I have been away from the computer for a while. I am so sad to hear about Mickey. This makes me cry. I am glad you are comforted by the good memories of her and that this eases your sorrow. Please know that I think of you, as animals have a special place in my heart.

Carol said...

What a beautiful exchange you made for Karen - just love those colors, and with spring having recently arrived in Australia, I think your choice was perfect ;-)

Olenka's Stitches said...

Wow! Your pinkeep for Karen is fabulous! I love your rose pins too. Sorry about Customs, they are always a pain.

Elisa said...

Absolutely beautiful peice...and a very lucky recipient!!

flom said...

Hi, yuko
your pinkeep, is beautifull, the pin......waouh !!!!!!

Moni said...

Hi Yuko!
This pinkeep is soo lovely! The rose shaped pins are amazing! Congratulations on this wonderful finish!

Susimac said...

Its so beautiful - I am glad that it got there safe and sound.((HUGS))

Ginte said...

What a wonderful pinkeep! I love it:)