Sunday, October 26, 2008

Little Stitcher...

Today my DH was called by his parents to visit them in Tokyo, of course I didn't go with him either my son.
And just after he left their home, MIL called me (I thought that she would do this!) but I didn't answer the phone! ;p

Anyway, here is my sweet little stitcher!

While I was taking my eyes off my son, he sat on my chair and what he was doing is stitching on my piece!!

Lovely, isn't he?!
He said "I'm doing cross stitch (actually it sounded like 'cnoss sketch')"

He is doing 'cnoss sketching' as he knitting his brows, lol

And here is the result of little stitcher...

But he made x (cross), wow! :0

Yesterday we had unexpected lovely visiter in our garden (very very small garden!).
I saw something is moving through the curtains, and found this little squirrel on the fence.

(sorry for this mess photo, I forgot to tidy up a clothes peg...)
He was stopping on the fence for a while, so I called my son and husband and DH took his this photo!

I'm surprised that he visited us because where we moved to is quite residential area as you see from this photo, there is neighbour's house very near by.
We were very happy to have this lovely visiter in our garden, but this means they came here since they haven't been able to find their foods in the wood...
We need to think about environmental protection more deeply.

By the way, I finished "Quaker Faith Hope Love" © Midnight Stitching for SAL with Carol R. today!
I hope the weather tomorrow will be fine and hope I can take good photos of it.

Take care and thanks for visiting!
Happy Stitching.


Rachel said...

Your son's 'cnoss sketch' is adorable :)

Love the pic of your little visitor!

Have a great week! I can't wait to see your Quaker pics :)

Irishenchantment said...

hi yuko your son is lovely and i cant wait to see if he will become a full time cnoss sketcher lol! hugs from me to you xxx

Christine said...

Your son is adorable. I love his cnoss sketch!

Theresa said...

Your son is sooooo cute!!!! Love his cnoss sketch~~ LOL

Moni said...

Oh, your son is so sweet! His cnoss sketch is lovely! :)

Ulla said...

Wow what a great cross stitcher.Lovely picture.

So sad you have these problems with your MIL.Send you many wishes of a good life with your lovely little family.

We are so happy we can do lovely embroideries and find friendship all over the world.
Ulla in Sweden

Ulla said...

Wow what a great cross stitcher.Lovely picture.

So sad you have these problems with your MIL.Send you many wishes of a good life with your lovely little family.

We are so happy we can do lovely embroideries and find friendship all over the world.
Ulla in Sweden

Maria João said...

So sweet, your son!! Mine prefers messing up threads :S, it's very difficult to do cross stitch near her but it's getting better, she doesn't pay very much attention now... Your visitor is cute! How is your home? Sorry for asking cut I only imagine big cities, like Tokyo, not the smaller villages. Are the houses big? I would like to have an idea from how you live in Japan... Hugs!MJ,

Vaida said...

Cute little stitcher :), helping his mum!
We also have seen squirrels near our house recently (but our house is near a big forest) - I guess they are checking their neighbourhood before winter. We have already decided to get some nuts and feed them in winter time.

Carol R said...

What an adorable little cnoss sketcher!

Good to hear you are ignoring nasty MIL but shame she took your husband away from you for the day.

We have squirrels visit every day too - I call one Tufty as he has white tufts at the back of his ears! He looked through the window yesterday as if to say "where are my sunflower seeds?" lol

Can't wait to see your QFHL finish.

Much hugs

Nina said...

Your son is so sweet :) How lovely picture about him!

Good to hear you did not answer the phone and had a good day ;)))

I also can't wait to see your finished QFHL.

Big hugs,

Dora said...

What a sweet picture of your son! He has your talent.
Looking forward to seeing QFHL. I recently bought this chart and hope to stitch soon.


Little Rabbit Miniatures said...

Your son's 'cnoss sketch' is super! well done! And as for the squirl , you are super fast with the camera!

Irene said...

Your son looks so cute. We have lots of squirrels here. We had an apple tree with a bird house where one took up residence.

samplerlover said...

Hi Yuko,
I'm just catching up with my blog reading and have just found out about the troubles you have been having with MIL.
I know that families are very important in Japan, but this lady is not worth worrying about. In Australia I would call her a "bitch" which is not really nice to call an old Japanese lady.
You know I wouldn't have anything to do with her anymore. Try not to spend Christmas with them. They will get the message.
In Leura as you know there is a very special "lolly" shop. In that shop you can buy special little
"joke" bottles of small lollies shaped like pills. They have bottles of "bitch pills". If you do happen to have contact with her again just think to yourself "Well, you have taken a double or triple dose of bitch pills today haven't your." Then have a good chuckle.
As you know I have 3 sons and 1 DIL plus 1 son has a lovely girlfriend. I hope I never turn out that way. I'm also glad that your DH is seeing through her and protecting you. Don't forget Karma - what goes around, comes around.
Every time I see your little boy he is getting cuter by the day.
Love the sampler that your are doing on your previous post. It is beautiful.
I hope you are feeling a lot better and don't worry about her, she's not worth the worry - Sandra.

zirzyle said...

Yuko, can I ask if you have a Skype?
My nickname is LeBro, would be nice to talk with you one day ;)

Anyway :) I know what do you feel seeing you child cross stitching. My daughter was a bit more than one year old then she took a needle firs time :)) lol, she wants to help me!!
This week I so you can buy a Japan squirrels in Lithuania pet shop.... ://

Cindy said...

Your son looks so cute giving "cnoss sketching" a try :)

We have lots of squirrels here. It is a bit bothersome when they try to get so close to the house, though!

samplerlover said...

Dear Yuko,
On reflecting on your MIL problem and my comments regarding her I wish to apologise if I have offended you. I am truly sorry. I read what you are going through and became quite angry with her treatment of you.
My years ago while I was in hospital after giving birth I witnessed similar treatment to another lady who had just given birth to a beautiful little boy by her MIL. This lady already had 2 lovely boys and had had so much trouble with about 9 miscarriages and a still birth. Her MIL came to visit a couple of hours later and just because the baby wasn't a little girl. The performance she put on was totally disgusting. She didn't think about the baby being ok and what the mother had been through to give birth to this precious gift just that it was the wrong sex for her. She made me quite mad. This was over 20 years ago and your problem brought it to light.
Anyway, as I have said if I have offended you, that wasn't my intention. I don't know why she is treating just a lovely, gentle person as yourself this way. Take care - Sandra.

Rowyn said...

Your son looks adorable doing his 'cnoss sketching'. I tried teaching two of my nephews and my niece, with varying degrees of success.

LOL at not answering the phone to your MIL. I have caller ID and sometimes I don't answer the phone to some people too. :-)

Luckily I get on with my MIL (although don't see her often now because she lives overseas), but my sister wasn't so lucky in the beginning. Her husband's family were quite mean to her when they first started going out together. I hope one day the situation with your MIL will improve for you.

Tammy said...

You were right not to answer the phone, lol! Don't put yourself through more pain. And your son is adorable! How cute he's is tryig to stitch like his wonderful mommy. Good job Yuko!

samplerlover said...

Hi Yuko, I'm glad that I made you laugh. That is what I intended in my first post, but then I thought that I might have said the wrong thing. The lolly shop in Leura (I'm sure you know the one I am talking about) also sells "Ugly Pills" and when somebody upsets me I usually say to my self that they have taken a whole bottle of Ugly Pills LOL. You have got to laugh sometimes.

My email address is if you want it. - Sandra.

At the Honeysuckle Tree said...

Oh Yuko, he is darling!!! What a precious picture.


Nancy said...

Your little boy is precious Yuko! He makes quite good X, don't you think so? Very adorable!

staci said...

Awwww, so sweet! He is so cute, and very intent on it!

My youngest "helped" me with mine once when he was younger too :)

Olenka's Stitches said...

Your son is so sweet. I just love his specialty stitches, they were done with such great love.

matilda said...

deliziosa la tua piccola ricamatrice.
in english
delicious your little stitcher.

Solstitches said...

What a darling little guy. I love how he is concentrating so hard to be just like you :)

Cindy F. said...

Your ds is precious beyond words!!
He is sooooo cute!!! Very pretty child:)

Stephanie said...

Yuko your son is just adorable :)