Sunday, October 05, 2008

"Paix" - Little House Needleworks For UNICEF

Do you already know about this chart © Little House Needleworks?
Isn't this too cute!?

I found this on
Gigi R.'s blog and it says that Diane Williams created this design specially for the benefit of UNICEF.

I've already ordered and Gigi sent me quicly, it took only 5 days to get here in Japan!
The price is 8.5 Euro, and you would be able to get the information of how to purchase this chart if you contacted her.

There is "Contactez l'auteur" (Contact author) in the side bar, just above "Catégories".

I also found a Wonderful blog through Gigi's blog!
Here it is :
She has already stitched this design, and her finishing is SO beautiful!

I would like to copy her idea of finishing when I completed this design, if she doesn't mind. :D

Take care and Happy Stitching!


Carol R said...

What a wonderful LHN chart and I agree with you that Dany's finishing of this is beautiful!

Dorothy said...

Hope you're settled into your new home Yuko. Glad to hear the dentist has fixed your tooth and your neck is better.
I agree Dany's finishing of the LHN design was wonderful. Can't wait to see what you do with yours!

Christine said...

Hello Yuko
I just found you blog. You do beautiful work.
I bought this chart from GiGi too, it is lovely. Thankyou for the link to Dany's blog, I love how she has finished this

Nancy said...

Hi Yuko! I also purchased this chart from Gigi. It is lovely, isn't it? I will look forward to seeing yours finished and the special touches you add.

I hope you are feeling happy in your new home!

Moni said...

Yuko, Thanks so much for sharing. This chart is gorgeous, I am going to email Gigi right soon. Thanks again!

Sally said...

Thank you for showing this Yuko. I have just been over to Gigi's blog and emailed her. It's a gorgeous chart and wonderful that it can help raise money for a good cause too.

Anonymous said...

this is so gorgeous thankyou for the info.

Theresa said...

This is so beautiful!! Thanks for sharing~ I might need to place an order, too~~

Marie said...

i discovered this chart this morning too, on Dany's blog (i love her works.. her finishing is always so perfect !)... this chart is very nice and for a good action, i think i will order it in those next days.

Jane said...

Thanks for the info, Yuko. I wasn't aware of this design before now. I agree with the finishing - it's beautiful!

Julianne said...


I got my chart from Gigo las week. I really look forward to stitching this sometime soon. Diane has outdone herself with all the wonderful designs that she has come up with this year. I'm currently stitching her Little Women series "Baking" and I adore the colors. It's really putting me in the mood for the holidays.

I hope you have a very good week.

Susana de Argentina said...

Dear Yuko, thanks to send to me, the music of Naotaro! It has really been one pleasing surprise!
I am very happy!
Lots of kisses!! from Argentina!!

Carin said...

I wish this chart was still for sale !!