Monday, November 20, 2006

Antique Christmas Trees

For the Christmas of this year, I have chosen and decided to stitch this "Antique Christmas Trees" from JBW designs, because it seemed very small and simple so I thought it would be a better choice for the beginer!

Here are the photos of them which I have stitched!
The design is very simple as I wrote above, but, I think this is so cute as seeing the finished piece in the frame!
I made mount with dark green velvet by myself and it very suits well with gold frame which I bought at IKEA!

There was no IKEA in Japan, but recently two stores have just opened! And moreover, one has opened in our city, so we often go there for shopping, only buy small things, though!

Well, I added a gold tree charm between the reindeers, and rabbit's tail was stitched by french knots. It looks gorgeous in a gold frame, doesn't it?! I'm really satisfied about this result!


JBW "Antique Christmas Trees"
Started : 2006/10/29
Finished : 2006/10/31


rowyn said...

It is gorgeous. Do you frame all your own work?

Simmy said...

Dear Yuko,

I love your cross stitch - you're so good at it. Just wanted to tell you that I lived in Tokyo from 1985-1987. I love Japan.

Solstitches said...

Beautiful! JBW is one of my all time favourite designers.