Monday, November 27, 2006

Joyeux Noel

Here is the pretty design "Joyeux Noel" from "Echevette" France!
I made a mount with red fabric and added snowflake spangles on it.
I think it looks became more Christmassy!

This is a very small pattern, so I could make it for about 1.5 days, even I am a beginer as you know! I really enjoyed stitching along, this time too!
Thanks Echevette!I love your design very much!

Sorry for my poor English, it's shame that I can't express about what I want to say properly in English, sigh...

"Joyeux Noel "Free chart @
Echevette Dominique A.Started : 2006/11/07
Finished : 2006/11/09


casasoprana said...

Hello Yuko
I'am part of Echevette's fan club ! and you have embroidered it beautifully. I hope that you'll talk about your country and your way of life from time to time. Your blog has gone straight to my favorites. Love Laurence (Zecca)

Sally said...

Wow, Yuko, that is gorgeous!