Thursday, November 09, 2006

My first work!!

This beautiful red work has became my first cross stitch work!!
Since when the first time I've seen this flower letter on the book, I really had been longing to do stitch this flower letter!

I didn't know much about cross stitch yet then, so this ignoramus (lol) had stitched this complicate pattern on the tripled-gauze cushion cover with waste canvas... LOL!
Of course it was so hard and took time to finish up as it was the first time.
It's definitely reckless, but was quite fun for me to DO cross stitch!

I really like this cushion cover, it's my favourite!
But my son (one year old) doesn't know how my efforts, he wiped on the floor with this cushion!!

From : "marie claire idees POINT DE CROIX"

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Jessie said...

For a newbie in cross-stitching, this is consider very well-done and beautifully stitched. Nice!