Saturday, November 18, 2006

Coeur de bienvenue

"Coeur de bienvenue" from Echevette has just finished today!
Echevette is one of my favourite blog (site) and when I saw this design at the site, it was like "first sight love", and I have downloaded it immediately, it has just hit my heart (lol)!

I trimmed around the edge with linen lace just inside the frame, it looks became really cute!

Recommends colour is #ecru (DMC) but I used #blanc, because the colour of fabric I used was quite similar with #ecru, so it didn't show well the outline or the heart itself much. That's why I used #blanc instead.

To stitch along white area of this big heart was quite tough, but I enjoyed stitch along synthetically!
I had been excited to see the finished piece, so I was really happy when I have done this!!

"Coeur de bienvenue"Free Chart @ Echevette Dominique A.
Started : 2006/10/05
Finished : 2006/10/25


Solstitches said...

Beautiful! I never heard of this designer so must go check it out. Thanks for the link.


Damoiselles Croisées said...

c'est un très joli modèle ! bravo ! bise de France !!