Friday, November 10, 2006

Lovely Tiny Pin Cushion

I didn't have any pin cushions for cross stitch needles yet, and there is a little baby around me anytime, so I really needed to hurry up to make a pin cushion for cross stitch needles and my son!!

The bear at the left on the picture is my son's favorite! Still I didn't know much about cross stitch, so I didn't know where I can buy DMC threads etc... and there was no shops where sell DMC threads near my house, so I used Cosmo threads instead.

When I have shown this pin cushion to my son, he made big smile and hugged this tightly!
Lovely, isn't he?!

From : De fil en aiguille No.12 (Design by P. Samouiloff)

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Anonymous said...

Hi Yuko! I think you can buy DMC threads on EBAY !!!I always buy it there! It is not expensive! Do you know Ebay France? lots of DMC If you need translation I can help you!