Thursday, November 16, 2006

Tissue Box Case

I made "Tissue box case" as refering the book. (see details below...)
I had been thinking that to make this would be easy, but actually it wasn't for me...

It was quite difficult than I thought.
Here are the photos of them. This flower fabric is from the famous fabric shop in Japan "CHECK&STRIPE", and I also used "half linen", blue checked fabric for the edge.
It looks really different from the model in the book, this is more familiar than the model, I think.

Actually I wanted to make one more with different fabbies, more classy one, but it's enough, LOL

I don't have enough encouragement to make the same one again...
But I like this and am very satisfied of this result!

"Watashi rashiku Kurashitai" ---- Saori Obata sewing recipe (2004/11)See details...

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Solstitches said...

The tissue box is very pretty. You did a wonderful job and should be proud :)