Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Nice to meet you!

Hello, This is Yuko from Japan.
I love cross stitching and crafting a lot!
I have just started to cross stitch since May, 2006 (about a half year ago...), when my son has became one year old!
I have been studying English now, therefore please over look my funny English, sometimes :D
I'm looking forward to making stitcher friends who can share the same hobby and passion!

Please feel free to leave comments.


Jessie said...
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Domy said...

I'm French, and I find your adress on "echevette" site and like you I love cross stitching and talking to people everywhere in the world.
So congratulations for your site and Be Happy !!!

Nathalie said...

Hello I discover your blog and it is very pretty, I use a translator I hope that that Ci will be "lenient" of my clerical errors

Cindy said...

Hi Yuko, I am from Singapore and love to cross stitch and do sewing too. Your work is beautiful!

Jessie said...

Hi Yuko,
Good day to you!
i chanced upon your blog and attracts my attention as we shared common passion in cross-stitching, sewing and crafting!
Your blog is very beautifully done.
Look forward to share :)

hermione said...

nice to meet you too Yuko !!!! you are an artist !!!