Thursday, November 23, 2006

Reindeer Tapestry

Recently, I have been stitching Christmas things!
This time what I stitched is "Reindeer Tapestry" from LECIEN (Japanese maker).
It was the first time for me to make a Tapestry, and it was also the first time to stitch on "Linen Band".
It was quite easy to stitch on this cloth, I mean it was very smooth to stitch along and finished.
I like this colors combination very much, it makes me feel warm!
Now it's hanging on the wall at the entrance in my house!

Reindeer Tapestry LECIEN
Started : 2006/11/03
Finished : 2006/11/07


rowyn said...

Another beautiful design, and really nicely finished. Thanks for the link to the framing instructions. :0)

Solstitches said...

This is very pretty Yuko and I like how you finished it too.