Tuesday, September 25, 2007

BBP Exchange FROM Claudia!

Claudia and I have became friends just recently through comments, and when we asked our Birthday each other, they were really close, and so we've decided to do "BBP Exchange" (Belated Birthday Present Exchange) LOL!
Because we definitely couldn't manage it when counted the date, there wasn't enough time at all... That's why it was named BBP, lol

And! Oh my goodness! Finally the parcel from Italy just has arrived safely to me today!It was from Claudia, and wow wow wow!!!
Just look at this wonderful, beautiful, fabulous, stunning work!!

When I opened the parcel, and saw this her work, my hands just has started to shaking, and couldn't blink for a while...
After that, I kept giving lots of sighs of seeing beauty in front of me!

What a beautiful work she has done! I can't believe that I can have it with me!
Inside fabbie is really beautiful and suit well for this "Pinkeep & Needlebook".
She also added a beautiful scissor and really sweet perfume for me!

Thank you so much, Claudia!
I can't find the words, well I was so touched by this Birthday Present from you!!
I think I can't sleep well tonight, LOL!

And I thank god to give me such wonderful opportunities to have fantastic friends around the world!
And I'd really appreciate for my dear friends all!

Thanks again Claudia, for such lovely presents for me!!!
I've sent out the parcel to you today, so it'll arrive for about 3-4 days later!
I really hope you'll like what I've made for you...
Hugs, xx


Susimac said...

Its a really really lovely gift to receive from Claudia, I know first hand how wonderful her stitching and finishing is - gorgeous BPP.

Claudia said...

I'm wordless for the beautiful words you said about me and my work!!!!! I just can say thanks to you to be my friend!
And me too, I thanks god for all those friends all over the world I have thanks to blogs and comments: it's a wonderful feeling!!!
Claudia :*

Cindy said...

You are very lucky to have received such a wonderful exchange :)

Yasmin said...

Such a beautiful pinkeep and needlebook. You are indeed very lucky! :))

Lillie said...

You got a great stitching blog! I came acrossed your blog via Yasmin's.
Lots of wonderful gifts on your birthday and I wish you a Very
Happy Belated Birthday.

sugardoll said...

Ohh fun!! fun!! I love the gifts you received! Especially the perfume! *giggle* I bet you smell very oishii for hubby!!! LOL

Nancy said...

Enjoy your BBP. It is so very beautiful!

Wendy said...

What a lovely gift! Exchanges are so much fun, it makes getting mail such a treat to open.

samplerlover said...

What a beautiful belated birthday present to receive. You are very lucky. Happy BB.

samplerlover said...

Thank you Yuko for visiting my blog and your lovely comments. Yes the picture with the little boy with the duck and the one with the older boy with the train and toys further down on my blog are among my favorite pieces of work. Every time I walk past them they always remind me of 2 of my 3 sons when they were little.

Cheryl said...

Such great gifts from your friend!!