Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Blue Bird Pincushion

I think now I'm in a stitching slump, I don't know why but I don't feel like stitching so much than before, as I wrote the last post.

So I startd to stitch from a small thing, like Pincushion, etc...
Then last night I made this Pincushion!

I was looking for the right size design from magazines, and found this bird!
I thoguht it would be more casual but, after I saw this finished piece, I thought it's not casual at all (lol), so changed my mind!

I added peral-lace around the wooden cup and I sew drop-shaped coaster for this Pincushion. It's actually not my taste (lol), but sometimes this kind of elegant things make me feel gogeous and rich, LOL
By the way, I have so many things to stitch!!
There is no time, shouldn't have rest and nap (lol), hurry hurry!

From De fil en aiguille "TOUT BLEU" / 32ct DMC Linen (white)


Lolly said...

You are an artist! I love your creation, so I invite you to look my blog....

Nancy said...

Your pin cushion is very beautiful! I like your coasters too, and I have never seen any in that shape. They are very pretty.

Domy said...

congratulations ! Everything is very gorgeous !!

Noreen said...

That is totally adorable! The bird is so kawaii!!! Did you hear that? it says "chirp! chirp!" LOL

Yeah you should not nap, you need to get stitching!!! LOL just kiddin! *^_^*