Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Birthday Present from Mum

This year, I've got so many wonderful books as my Birthday Present!!

Here is a Birthday Present from my mum, she gave me a book which I asked her before, as a Birthday Present!

The book I asked her is "Cartonnage Brode" from France, it's an absolutely beautiful and wonderful book!

This is what I was looking for!!
Thanks, mum! I'm still being a really spoiled daughter, lol!


littlehands said...

Wow, you are so happy, I can imagine!

domy said...

Wonderful I've got the same book, if you need a translation I'm here, just ask !!

Susimac said...

That looks a really lovely book Yuko what a great gift from your mum.

sugardoll said...

Mother Knows best!!! =)

What a lovely book! *^_^*

stitching love said...

Your mum is so sweet! What a lovely gift!