Thursday, September 06, 2007

Pinkeep Exchange FROM Su !

I think some people already might know about this, but!FINALLY, FINALLY, FINALLY, the parcel from Su had safely arrived to me in Japan on Monday!It might sounds funny or silly, but I was under extreme tension, so couldn't open the parcel for about an hour! LOL

My mom laught at me, and asked me "Shall I open it instead??? (lol)" many times, but OF COURSE I wanted to open it by myself when I became calm down!I had nice flavoured tea from France (which Domy has sent me), and tried to be calm down, and finally I've opend the parcel...

This is the pinkeep for our "Pinkeep Exchange" from Su, the design is from LHN!
She had chosen this design as she knew that I like LHN and CCN!It's soooooooo lovely and beautiful, isn't it!!

Finally I could see Su's work in person, I'm a sooooooo lucky girl, aren't I?!

She trimed the edges with double silk ribbons, and the flower braid, and added red and black glass pins (like ladybugs )around the pinkeep.
The backing fabbie is also beautiful and sooooooo suit well for this pinkeep!
She is absolutely wonderful as I always feel, her stitching and finishing are perfect indeed, and truly she is talented!!!!!

She added some beautiful wee things too, the beautiful colourfull fabbie and the hand dyed threads!I really like these soft colours of threads, but how shall I use for these threads?

What colour of fabrics suit well for these threads do you think? Please give me some of your ideas!(My present plan is, stitch the Noel design (from AMAP) with this threads on a deep red linen, what do you think?)

Well, I'm sooooooooooooooo happy for our wonderful "Pinkeep Exchange" this time!
Su asked me to do next exchange, this sweet offer made me extremly happy!

Thanks Su! You are really torelant, I'd really appreciate for this our met, although it is only online, but we definately hope to stay friends for a long time!

Dear Su, "THE WORD" for the next exchange, I will think about it and tell you later! Big Hugs xx


Anonymous said...

Very cute

Anonymous said...

I see the tea I sent is a good medecine for you !!! hi ! hi ! hi !! Congratulations to Su it's very nice, beautiful, cute, wonderful and so on !!! You are very lucky !!

Anonymous said...

very pretty pinkeep.

Anonymous said...

o hayu!! Yuko dear, would you mind e-mailing me sometime? I am planning to send a package to my bestfriend in Japan, and something for u also. Thankies!

Anonymous said...

This is a gorgeous pinkeep from Su! Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

lovely pinkeep.