Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Birthday Present from Hubbie

These are Birthday Present from my husband!
I asked him to buy something about cross stitch for me for this year, and so I made my "Wishlist" to help him (lol)!

He saw my "Wishlist", but he didn't choose anything from my "Wishlist" (lol) and bought some books about cross stitch for me!
This is from the US, "STITCH", there are so many kinds of stitches other than cross stitch on it.
Very beautiful and wonderful ideas of interior are on it as well!

Here is "marie claire idees" from France, there is also some kind of stitches other than cross stitch on it. I like this series of "marie claire idees", this is also a very nice book indeed!

Here is a cross stitch magazine from Italy for children.
There are so many designs for children, there are also some knitting designs on it.
They all are very colourful and I thought it's really Italian-like!

And another present is "Lisa & Gaspar" (I don't know how to spell correctly...) dolls, (lol).
He might believe that I still like this kind of dolls like a little girl, LOL!
But thank you, hubbie!
They all are really wonderful and I like all of them a lot!!


sugardoll said...

You got some very nice presents from hubby...Awww!!

I like dolls too!! A girl can't have too many dolls!! hehehe

AJ said...

Did you love my birthday for you??
Hope you loved them!

I'm so happy that you're developing your great talent with fantastic friends!!

And, don't forget I've been the biggest fun of you:))