Sunday, September 02, 2007

Pinkeep Exchange FOR Su (2)

As you already know about our "Pinkeep Exchange" from the last post.
During the time when I was stitching Su's pinkeep, I also was making tote bags for my friends.
Unexpectedly some friends' birthday were in the end of June and August, so first off I made their bags for the gift!

Actually I'm not good at sewing machine at the moment (will try to practice more!), but I really wanted to make something by myself for my dear friends!
Su is one of them, I really appreciate her kindness, she tells me lots of things, amuse me always by her wonderful works, she teaches me English, etc.. I really like her tolerance for me or everything!

This time the fabrics are the same with Domy's bag, but I stitched her Initial with moss-green thread (forgot the # of DMC... ), and added white rose button on it!
I imagined a lot about Su, and also added the side lace which is made elegance for the finished bag, I think!

There are also laces on the both sides of bag, and this time I used dark brown handle for Su's bag.

Here are fabrics I used for the bag, I also have made my own bag though, I like this Su's bag the most!
She told me that she will hang it on the cupboard, it made me feel relief.
Because, I think it's the 2nd time for me to sew bags, anyway, it just fits the cross stitch magazines, so can use to organize them, but actually I didn't want her to put something heavy in the bag, because I thought it might be broken, LOL

So, Su your idea is really good choice! LOL
Please leave it as it is now
in the bedroom!!

From : "Charted Monograms for Needlepoint and Cross-Stitch"


Joei said...

Simply beautiful. I'm sure she will be delighted to have it.

Domy said...

This bag is also beautiful, I'm lucky I had one for my birthday, thanks again Yuko !
My bag is only for my cross stitch, and all my friends said is very beautiful !

Noreen said...

That is so sweet. Your friends are lucky to have you =)

Sharon said...

You did a fabulous job with this. It is gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

This is such a beautiful bag and made so lovingly :>) I love all the little details and especially, the beautiful S you stitched in the centre. I hope to visit Su soon and will look forward to seeing this close up.
Angela :>)

Cicurka said...

I love your bags! Simply beautiful!