Saturday, September 08, 2007

Gift from Singapore...

About a week ago, I've got a surprise gift from Singapore! It was from Joei, who is one of my Blogger friend. I was so surpised because I haven't expected receive one from her at all.

There were very beautiful stitched card and a really curios red box in there!
She stitched the "Thank You!" card by herself, it was so beautifully stitched, and I was touched her letter very much.

In the red box, there was really beautiful Biscornu which she stitched for me, and also she dyed the fabric with tea (18ct Aida)!
This is so beautifl, isn't it?! I was really impressed
I have never done any Biscornu yet, but I was really interested in stiching Biscornu, so this perfect Biscornu will be my model!
Her stitch is so beautiful, I have to learn by imitating her beautiful stitching!

Actually, I don't deserve this at all, to receive such lovely gift from her...
Well, she has sked me to translate some Japanese charts (
Fujico Collection) into English, if it does OK with me, for a long time ago. It was a really polite message, but actually I hesitated a bit to translate them beause my English ability is not good enough to transltate them at all, I thought...
So I told her so and then promised it but only the key parts (like, 2 strands, etc..).

After I've received the charts, unfortunatelly I was quite busy, in the day time everyday I had to chasing around my son, and at night there were some exchanges etc... so I had to stitch...
I knew I had to her translate, but it took 3 months from her order to I've sent it out
I kept her waiting for 3 months, I really should apologize her, but whenever I mailed her, she was very kind to me and just say "I know you are busy, so please take you time!"...

When I've sent out the translated charts to her, I added a pair of "
Hardanger Coasters" which I've made for a luv luv couple.
She was so happy to received the envelope from me, and this time she made me a Biscornu and a card instead...
Actually I have to say sorry to her, kept her waiting so long, but how nice she is!
Do I actually deserve this lovely gift???
But, thank you so much for your kindness and pure herat, Joei!
Your gifts made my soooo happy and they will be my treasure, too!And moreover, I'm happy that we became friends from this exhange!

Thanks again! Hugs xx


Noreen said...

Yep sis Joei is really nice. :)

You deserve those pretty stuffs. Love the biscornu.

by the way, did you get my email from yesterday? Thanks!!

Have a lovely day!!

Joei said...

Hi Yuko,

My pleasure, you truly deserve it. It's a small gift as a token of our friendship.

Thank you too! Good day.

yasmin said...

Such a lovely biscornu!