Wednesday, September 05, 2007

With some green tea...

I've got another parcel from my Japanese blogger friend Yukari the other day!
She sent me beautiful Japanese traditional sweets "Wasanbon" which is used at "Sado (Chado)" , as her family trip souveniour!

They were sooooooooooo yum, and all my family like it so the sweets has gone just soon after I opened the box!!
Especially my 2 years old son liked it a lot and he has run came here to pick them up and run away so many times while I was taking his photo! LOL

Thanks always, Yukari!

*Sado (Chado or Tea Celemony) -------- The custom of drinking tea was brought to Japan from China. Sen-no-Rikyu made it an art in the sixteenth century, The simple and tranquil atmosphere of the tea ceremony provides spiritual training.
[ - from the book "korewo eigo de iemasuka? ]

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