Friday, September 21, 2007

Birthday Present from Hong Kong

I received the parcel from Hong Kong a day before my Birthday, it was from littlehands in Hong Kong!
She gave me a lovely pincushion (she stitched my initial "Y" on it) and a lovely chart from "M designs", and...

The board which she named "Needle Park", this is her idea and she has got an idea from car-park, (lol) lovey idea, isn't it?!
She stitched my name on it, and when I pull the lace on the left, her Birthday message which she stamped on the felt has appeared!
Wow! Thanks for a lovely idea, littlehands!

She thought and thought again what to make for my Birthday, and made such lovely things for me.
She knows that I'm doing many stitching at the same time, so she thought that I must need lots of needles, so this "Needle Park" has came up into her mind, I heard.
She might be very busy, but she spent her private time for me...

Thank you so much littlehands, indeed!
And "Pink" has just hit my heart! (lol)


Anonymous said...


It's Junko.
Thank you for coming for my blog.
I didn't yet think that was found.

Best wishes to you on your birthday.

Nancy said...

You received very beautiful birthday gifts!


stitching love said...

Great pressies you have this year!

littlehands said...

The feeling to know that you love what I made for you is really wonderful.
And I really appreicate your style of photos, they are very nice and even much better than the real things.
Anyway, Happy Birthday to my dearest friend in Japan!

Susimac said...

Oh Yuko you've received some very lovely gifts for your birthday I am really enjoying watching them unfold - its like opening them myself LOL!!

sugardoll said...

What a lovely present!! You truly deserve to receive such wonderful gifts from your wonderful friends!! =^_^=

Joei said...

Clicking post comment does work on my end. I need to right click it and then click open before it opens. Dunno, if I'm the only one having this problem.

Anyways, lovely gifts you got there. Nice person like you deserves nice friends like littlehands.

Good day!

Claudia said...

Lovely lovely lovely gift!!!!!!!
A clever idea and a must have for a stitcher!!!