Tuesday, June 24, 2008

4 Years Anniversary!

One week ago, 17th of June was our 4 years Wedding Anniversary!
My husband is a bit indifference to anniversary or birthday, but I found and red so many posts that western husbands brought bunch of flowers or presents etc... back home for their wives on their anniversary or birthday!

So I told him about how western husbands are thoughtful, as it was my secret intention, lol


But on that day, he came back empty-handed against my expectation (lol), actually he didn't come back on that day, he got home after midnight again on that night...
I was quite disappointed, as I was thinking to cerebrate our anniversary together this year, actually we have never had been together on our wedding anniversary somehow yet...

I had been preparing two tickets of Jazz concert, as our anniversary present for him, though...
But last Saturday, when we went to department store, I found stunning figurine!
"Sea Maiden" by NAO, I fell in love with it when I first met!
So I asked him, and so he presented me as a belated anniversary present!!

Here is the photo... Her beauty takes your breath away, don't you think?
I LOVE IT! and am smiling at her since then!

The Jazz concert will be held on this coming Saturday, it's by MJO (Manhattan Jazz Orchestra)!
I'm so excited and very looking forward to going there with him!


Ginnie said...

What a lovely gift, hope you have a happy anniversary and a great night at your concert.

Smith said...

Thanks for sharing!! Last week we also celebrated my 5th marriage anniversary. I got a beautiful flowers bouquet from FloraQueen for my wife.

Wendy said...

Happy Anniversary, Yuko! I hope you have a wonderful time at the concert.

Jennifer said...

What a pretty gift! Happy Anniversary!

Vonna said...

Happy Anniversary! And don't let us fool you...Western Husbands for the most part aren't that thoughtful...because we western wives remind them A LOT!!! LOL!

A lovely ornament and I bet the jazz will be great!

Nancy said...

Happy Anniversary Yuko! I think the Sea Maiden is breathtaking!

Enjoy your jazz concert. That is a very thoughtful gift from you.

Susan said...

The NAO figurine is beautiful - I'm a huge fan of Lladro (they make NAO) myself; the mermaid is lovely, and it's nice that he acknowledged your anniversary this year!

Happy belated anniversary!

angelasweby said...

I can see why the Sea Maiden caught your eye, she really is special. I love her gentle face and thoughtful eyes, I think she is sitting dreaming of her Sea Prince :>)
Congratulations on your anniversary and many wishes for lots more very happy years. I hope you have a lovely time at the concert.
Love Angela

Maria said...

Happy Anniversary!!.
What a beautiful Sea Maiden. I love Lladró.
Have a good time at the concert

Nelapx said...

Ante todo feliz aniversario para ti y tu esposo... segundo lamento lo del inconveniente con su automovil, y por ultimo, no podre dormir hoy solo a la espera de intentar mañana hacer esa cosa tan hermosa que su amigo ha regalado Banurukotti (or Panurukotti
debe estar armado en perfectos rombos verdad? es decir que debo conseguir una tela exacta y hacer rombos perfectos y luego unir 15 piezas ... bien si lo logro le avisare... grandes besos... y feliz aniversario
y gracias por compartir con nosotros...

petitescroixetbidouilles said...

Happy wedding Anniversary !
We celebrate our 19 years yesterday !! my husband came back with a wonderful bunch of flowers !
I wish you the best for the bext years :-))


Carol R said...

Happy Anniversary Yuko. I love your Sea Maiden - she is quite serene. My husband does not buy me flowers on our Wedding Anniversary but then he buys me flowers on a weekly basis! Enjoy the Jazz concert.

mituki said...

Hi Yuko~!







Caro said...

Happy anniversary !

You know, all western husbands are not so romantic. I think that a lot of western wifes are "working hard" before the anniversary day, to help their husband to remember the date and not forget a prensent, lol !!!

Sally said...

Happy Anniversary Yuko! The Sea Maiden is beautiful:)

angie said...

A fantastic and unexpected gift. Happy anniversary!!

Julie said...

The Sea Maiden is lovely, belated Anniversary wishes to you both

samplerlover said...

Hi Yuko, happy belated Anniversary. Your Sea Maiden is beautiful. I also love Lladro. My Dad has a good collection of it. Your Sea Maiden has a beautiful face.
I agree with some of the other girls re western husbands forgetting anniversaries. Mine is one of them LOL. - Sandra.

Tanya said...

She is so sweet! Happy belated anniversary, Yuko!!!

Tanya :)

Olenka's Stitches said...

Happy belated anniversary Yuko! You've got a stunning present and it will last much longer than flowers :-).
Enjoy the concert!

Michele said...

Happy Anniversary Yuko :) Our anniversary was on the 14th .. great month to be married *smile*

I love your Sea Maiden .. she makes me smile too!

Carol said...

Happy Belated Anniversary Yuko. Your Sea Maiden is beautiful. I have a couple of Lladro pieces that I love.

I nearly always have to help my husband when it comes to anniversary presents. Most of the time I will let him know what I would like or I buy it myself and then show him what it was that he bought for!

Have a wonderful time with your dear husband at the Jazz concert. :o)

Nicki said...

Happy anniversay Yuko! My husband didn't get me anything this year either! Not even a card. So I went and bought myself a present and gave it to him to give to me :) Not all husbands are romantic - mine is terrible :)

Garden Girl said...

Happy anniversary, Yuko. I love the litte mermaid. Have a lovely evening at the concert on Saturday!

Susimac said...

Happy Anniversary and I adore your beautiful Nao pice - as you know I love Nao/Lladro.
Enjoy your concert at the Weekened too.

Note: Not all western husbands remember anniversaries - I usually have to remind and it still comes to nothing LOL!!

Carla said...

Happy belated anniversary!! the figurine you chose as your gift is gorgeous!!!
I'm sure you'll have a great time at the concert :)

Joei said...

That mermaid figurine is so cute. Happy belated anniversary!

Ele said...

My dear Yuko,
what a lovely mermaid figurine is this!
Happy wedding Anniversery and all my best for you both


Ulla said...

Happy Anniversary.

I hope you have a nice concert with your husband.

My best wishes