Monday, June 30, 2008

My PIF Members! + Hydrangea

Yesterday, just after a rain, I took some photos of "Hydrangeas" in my garden!
There are so many hydrangeas in my garden, but this year only few has been blooming...

Maybe the end of last year before when we had moved to here, a gardener trimmed all over this garden, but it was not the right moment, that's why there are only few flowers bloom in this year...

So I hope next year that so many flowers will bloom in our garden!!
I love hydrangea's colours very much, this purple is very beautiful and I love it!
And also photo above is very beautiful, isn't it!
It will turn deep purple in a week! I'm looking forward to seeing it!

By the way, this early morning I did drawing to pick up 3 person for my PIF member!
Thank you so much everyone for signing up for my PIF.
I'd really appreciate for you all.

I asked my son to pick up 3 pieces of paper, and he picked up these three names!

  • Staci (Snippets and Stash)

    I will contact you all to let you know that you all became my PIF member,
    so please let me know your snail mail address later!

    Again, thank you so much for everone who signed up for my PIF!
    I'd appreciate for them all.
    When the next time I signed up someones PIF,
    I will do the same thing again on this blog, so please look forward to it.


Carol R said...

Your hydrangeas are stunning Yuko. I love the purple one. Your photo is so clear I can see water drops on the leaves!

Rachel said...

Your pics of the hydrangeas are amazing. I love the purple one the best :) You have quite a gift for taking photographs.

Just wanted to let you know that I read your blog every week and wait impatiently for updates. Your cross stitch projects and finishing techniques are beautiful! Keep up the good work :)

Jennifer said...

The hydrangeas are beautiful. I've always liked them because their blooms last for such a long time. I also think it's neat how you can change the colors by changing the pH of the soil. I've been wanting to get some for our yard, but we just moved into the house and we've decided to live with what we have for a little while to get a feel for how things grow and where the best place to put things would be.

Thank you for picking me for the PIF! I'm quite excited about it as I have often admired your work, and I will be posting an offer on my blog this week.

angie said...

I love hydrangeas, too. It must be a pleasure to look at your garden.

Julie said...

Beautiful hydrangeas, i love them too.

congrats to the PIF ladies

All things beautiful said...

Love your hydrangeas. I have 2 plants in my own garden that are just flowering but nowhere as nice as yours. I think the weather here is too hot... or do you think I should talk to it more? (lol)

Sheila said...

What amazing pictures of hydrangeas, they are probably the best I´ve seen - you should enter them (the photos) into a competition :)
Love all your beautiful stitching too... I try and keep up with your blog, but I´m not always very good at commenting. Sorry.

Caro said...

My parents-in-law have also a lot of hydrangea of different colors : purple, blue and pink.
They are all blooming also.

Lillie said...

Wow! beautiful hydrangeas, my fave.
Don't worry about being late on your RS, I am still working Part 4 after 6 going on 7 months.

Jane said...

I love hydrangeas and your photos are beautiful, Yuko! I would love to have lots of these plants in my garden but we're not getting enough rain to keep them healthy. We're on water restrictions too, so instead I will just admire your pictures:)