Wednesday, June 11, 2008

We Had A Wonderful Day!

As I wrote on the last post, I invited my online friend to my house last Monday!
It was the first met for both of us and also for our children, but we didn't feel it at all, we couldn't stop chatting!

As I also wrote on the last post, I gave her a "Darumachan" tape measure as a small gift.
I felt relief and was glad that she was happy to have it!
And she also brought a small gift to me! She stitched black rose on natural linen and made it into a drawstring bag!
This is absolutely beautiful, isn't this!

She used lace to cover strings, it's a nice idea and also very beautiful!
And she used lavender polka dot fabric for inside.
I love her taste very much, very natural and lovely!

Thank you so much S. for your kind heart!
I'm so happy that we could get along together so well!
Also our children (her daughter and my son) could get along together and they played together very much!
So we could talk and eat (lol) a lot!!
This time we didn't stitch together, but next time when we will be able to meet up, I want to stitch something small together!

Anyway, we could have wonderful time!
Thanks for visited me, S.
I really enjoyed our time, please come over here again whenever you have time!

By the way, here is my Grass Dog, a photo was taken on 11th, June.

Finally I cut his hair, I imagined Hidetoshi Nakata (ex-football player)'s hair style when he was an active player (now he has medium long hair).
But, it doesn't look like him at all!
It's like just an Onigiri (a rice ball), lol

I just started this as half-jokingly, but actually it is becoming quite fun to look after him!
Even though, wipe off his moldy face, it's fun, lol

My friend's daughter liked this dog very much, and also my son does!

Well... His hair grew enough, so I will try another turf kit (hedgehog one) sometime later!


Anonymous said...

Hi Yuko!!!

大人っぽいね♪ レースで紐通し部分を作ったところも

カットしたのね^^ 夏だからね☆涼しそう。

Carol R said...

A beautiful gift from your friend Yuko - such delicate stitching and finishing and it sounds like you had a wonderful time too.

Mr Grass Dog look cute with his hair cut and I see you trimmed his mustache too!

Did you use your new camera for the great photos?

Anonymous said...

i love your doggy i think he is great i might get one for myself and ethan to look after. he i so funny.. love the drawstring bag

Sally said...

What a beautiful gift from your friend and I love the tape measure cover that you made for her:)

orange/chocolate said...

What a fantastic time you spent together. The bag is so beautiful... Sh'es got a really good taste.

Wendy said...

How wonderful that you two had such a great visit together. The gifts exchanged between you are beautiful. I love the tape measure with the wee strawberry attached to the end!

Julie said...

Beautiful gift from your friend

Nancy said...

I am glad you had a wonderful time with your friend Yuko! Your gifts to each other are very beautiful. I knew she would love your gift! I like her lace idea to hide the strings.

Oh you have a very stylish doggie!

Kim B said...

What a beautiful gift! And the lace idea is so creative. It's lovely!

Janaina said...

Awesome baggie and great to know you had such a great day!
Do you think your friend could make a tuto on the piece?! Its so darling! =)

Olga said...

Your gifts to each other are wonderful! Sounds like you had a great time together.

Susan said...

What a beautiful drawstring bag - it's so delicate!

I'm glad you had a nice visit with each other.

Carla said...

The gift you received is beautiful!!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure you two had a great time and the children as well. Both of you made lovely finishes, you two must've been so delighted to have received such lovely gifts.

Your dog looks like a punk, lol! But still so cute.

Lillie said...

That's a lovely gift you received.
woooo..the doggie looks so adorable...LOL..I didn't know that it 'hair' could be trimmed down.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Beautiful gift