Friday, June 27, 2008

Lovely Gift from Staci!

Thank you so much everyone for lots of lovely words for our Wedding Anniversary, and thank you very much for signing up for my PIF member!
I'd really appreciate for them all!

By the way, about a week ago, I've won Staci's "Summer Giveaway", it was the first time I've won the drawing on the blog!
She immediately sent out the gift and it has safely arrived to me yesterday, it took only 4 or 5 days to Japan! We both couldn't believe how fast it was!

Here it the photo! The fabrics are so lovely, I will definitely use them for my finishing!
And I would like to make a tote bag by vintage muslin bag panels from the
Percy Kent Bag Co, someday in the future!
And I'm going to use cotton dishcloths from tonight!
Thank you very much, Staci! I'd really appreciate for your kind heart!

Now it's the rainy season in Japan, but today the weather is very fine!
So I have done lots of gardening, weed an overgrown garden and picked some plums from the trees.
But I need to weed a garden again and again, though...

I made plum sour juice with some plums which I picked today!
I have been letting it mature now, it takes three weeks to become the matured juice.
I love plum taste very much, so I'm very looking forward to the day I can taste it!!

Here is my Grass Hedgehog, the photo was taken on 27th of June.
It is growing and it's lovely, isn't it! I love it!

But my Grass Dog has been dying...
I found a tiny green spots a lot on his head, so I thought it must be sprouts, and was happy as I thought he is brought back to life again!

But actually when I came close to him and saw it deeply, they were not sprouts, but mould all around...
I'm sad, but I think I should say good bye to him...

By the way, as I wrote on the last post, there is time difference between most of people and I, so I decided to draw and pick up 3 person for my PIF member.
So, I have been still taking sign up PIF member until this coming Sunday!
There are already more than 3 person who is signing up for it, so please feel free to leave comment on the last post, if you are interested in!


Ginnie said...

your plum tree is looking good... we have strawberries, raspberries and blackcurrants growing in our garden, can't wait til they are ready.

Nancy said...

Hi Yuko! You received a very nice package from Staci, and I know you will make some very beautiful things with the fabrics.

Yummy, I love plums too! Your hedgehog's hair is growing nicely! Goodbye to the moldy dog.

staci said...

Plum sour juice sounds really yummy, how do you make it?

Enjoy your goodies Yuko, I look forward to seeeing what you do with them!

Julie said...

Nice goodies, plums are so yummy!

Susan said...

I'm glad that you are having great success with your PIF sign-ups. I signed up for Vonna's earlier in the year, but when I offered a PIF on my blog, no-one signed up :(

Have a lovely weekend!

Julianne said...

Hello Yuko,

What pretty fabrics Staci sent to you. I hope you enjoy some fun projects with them. Your hedgehog is so cute.

Concha said...

Congratulations to win the Staci's drawing.You´re a lucky girl!

Rowyn said...

Hi Yuko

Congratulations on winning Staci's summer giveaway. The fabrics are lovely, I look forward to seeing what you create with them.

That must be great having a plum tree in your garden. We have some fruit trees, but they haven't matured yet. Maybe one day :-)

Mãe da Rita said...

Hello again!! As I´m very interested in «wining»w your PIF, I installed a tranlation funcionality
(it does not work very well all the time but it makes a difference:it doesn't know taht «baptizado» it's christening, and the name of the blog it´s wrong »Mãe da Rita, é só o que sou agora»= «Rita´s mother, there just wat I am now»). Next: I´ll try to post some of my cross stich works. Bye, have a nice week-end, here, it's St. Peters's day, the holiday of our town (sadly, in a weekend, I´ll dont have a work break... :-D). Hugs for you and your family!