Saturday, June 07, 2008

"Darumachan" - Tape Measure Cover

As I wrote on the last post that I can't concentrate on what I have to do, at the moment, I just have made this "Darumachan" tape measure cover, just to change my mind!
And I invited my online friend to my house next Monday, so I will give this to her as a small present.
(A photos is a bit blurry, though...)

I stitched on 28ct linen to fit to the tape measure itself, so the stitched piece shows it a bit rough, though...
This is a freebie © A Word (Japanese blog), isn't it very pretty?!
I added red x green ribbon around the edge and also added strawberry charm the end of the tape!

Here is a photo of backing fabric which I used for this "Darumachan", I thought that this is perfect for this stitched piece.

I used cardboard for inside of this doll's head part, and added cotton inside.
To finish this off was a bit difficult, but it was fun!
I hope my friend will like it!

Here is my Grass Dog, a photo was taken on 7th of June.

Oh no, he is funny, I should cut his hair soon!
I'm thinking a lot how to cut his hair, uhmmm...
I also need to trim his mustache (it's his roots)!

Actually, day by day his face become moldy, and I have to wipe them off... ('~';)
Yes, he is a dirty man! lol

I found some kinds of these funny grass plants online, and am very interested in them!
But I have hedgehog one, too, so would try it first, after this Grass Dog!

Next time, I will be able to show you his (this grass dog) new hair style!
Please look forward to seeing him!

Design : "Darumachan" (freebie) © A Word
Fabric : 28ct DMC linen (white)
Threads : DMC
Finished as : Tape Measure Cover


Susimac said...

She's so cute - your friend is sure to love her. I love the charm you have used too its so pretty.
Have a great time with her when she comes next week.

Julie said...

Your friend will love this wonderful present, its super.

Ele said...

Hi Yuko,
how are you, I hope you are fine.
The little doll you made is so cute and a nice present for your friend, she will love it.
Also this beautiful threadholder, I love the combination of black and white very much, it looks wonderful.

Have a nice weekend and a lot of fun for your son with his toys from UK!

Kim B said...

She's beautiful! What flawless finishing!!

Anonymous said...

A tape measure cover... What a great idea ! She's beautiful !
Thanks for the link.
Have a nice week-end Yuko ;)

Nancy said...

This is very beautiful Yuko, but everything you make and stitch is beautiful! I love the little strawberry. Your finishing skills really are amazing!

Oh, your doggies hair is growing fast. I will look forward to seeing him as a stylish pup!

Carol R said...

Your doll tape measure is really lovely - beautifully stitched and finished as usual and what a gorgeous strawberry charm. The backing fabric is a perfect match too. This will make your friend truly happy when she comes to visit.

Your Grass Dog is too funny - I look forward to his new haircut!

Jane said...

Your friend will love it - very cute! Another amazing finish Yuko.

Tanya said...

Oh my goodness, that tape measure is adorable! How could you part with her? :) I'm sure your friend will love it.


Anonymous said...

This is my first comment Yuko.
What is cute measure this is!!
Is your friend who invited to your
house tomorrow me???
I really excited to read your blog
and I can't wait coming tomorrow.
I hope we have great time !

staci said...

You amaze me with your creativity and flawless finishing! This is so adorable...I agree with Tanya, it would be so hard to part with her (even though I'm sure she's going to a very good home!)

Solstitches said...

Yuko, you always come up with the neatest things. This little tape measure holder is unique and a wonderful gift for your friend.
I laughed out loud at your doggie.
Thanks for the smile.

angelasweby said...

What a pretty piece of stitching and such a clever idea. Your friend is going to love it and I wish I could be there with you both. Oh, I just love the little strawberry charm, it's so pretty.
Yuko, I love seeing your funny hairy dog. It's given us all so much enjoyment. I can't wait to see little hedgie!
Hugs, Angela

Lillie said...

Cute and well done.

Your doggie look so hairy now and so fun to look at.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Nice job. LOVE the tape measure and thanks for the cross stitch link.

orange/chocolate said...

Your little Russian doll is fantastic and it's so well finished!!!
Congratulations. Your friend will be very happy.

Carla said...

so cute!!

Hearty Bakes said...

oh mine Yuko, this measuring tape is absolutely cute and pretty! i love the shape and its very unique!
Are u meeting up with Sachiko? What a wonderful world to meet up with another stitchers, i'm sure u ladies will have a great time. Enjoy~

Anonymous said...

How cute is that, congrats! I'm sure whoever receives it will be so delighted.

Margaret said...

Yuko san
I just love your blog. I lived in Japan for many years so I enjoy following up your leads to other Japanese stitchers too. You do beautiful work and your English is great - please continue a long time.
I am going to try a Daruma san for my friend who also works with me in JTB
Margaret S

Anonymous said...

Dear Yuko,
I discovered your blog few minutes ago & your place is so beautiful, wow !
Thanks for sharing your creations.
Your Tape Measure Cover is just perfect.


Dani - tkdchick said...

What a lovely gift!

Anonymous said...

Wow - I love this!