Monday, June 02, 2008

A Parcel TO my son FROM the UK!

(I took photos again on a sunny day, and replaced them!)

Last week, on the same day I've received my HoE Freebie Exchange, I also have received another parcel from Carol R.

Actually it was not for me, to my son!
Wow, he has received a parcel from the UK, though he is only three years old!

I hope he will remember about this for a long long time!

I've been telling him about my friends, so he already knows about Carol R. he says "aunt Carol", and as he is crazy for cars, he knows what kind of car Carol R. does have! :D

Carol sent him a present for his Birthday!
She knew that my son is crazy for cars, so she has expressly ordered MINIs for my son, as she has own REAL black BMW MINI and my son knew about it!

She added so many goodies, too!
Some children books, Polo Shirt, cards, etc...! Shirt was just perfect for my son, size was just fit for him! Thanks Carol!!

He was SO happy to have them all with him, of course especially MINIs!!
Every night, he goes to bed with toy cars, and sleeps with them, but since he has received MINIs from her, he goes to bed with MINIs every night!

Also since he's got English children's books, I have been reading him books, but...
I can't understand the story at all, even basic words in the books, LOL

Oh my English ability is worth than three years old, LOL!!
I thought I must learn English more and more!!! ('~';)

Carol also sent some things for me as well!
A postcard of her town, her original scissor fob's instruction, a very beautiful keyring with initial "Y".

Thank you so much Carol for your sweet heart!
Your parcel made our day indeed!
We would really appreciate for your kindness and generosity!

He called his grand mother (my mum) and told her that he has received MINIs from Carol in the UK!
I was so happy to heard of it from him, "Carol = MINI" this diagram is in his mind exactly now!


Nancy said...

Your son is so cute Yuko! How nice of Carol to send you and your son such a beautiful package.

angelasweby said...

There must be nothing nicer, for a little boy, than to receive his own exciting package.
I have recently got to know Carol and she is a really sweet and generous person :>)
Warm hugs, Angela

angie said...

Carol has been very kind to both of you. Your son must hab¡ve been very surprised to receive a parcel and so fantastic cars inside.

Julie said...

Your son looks a lovely little boy, what a wonderful surprise for him, Carol must be a very special lady

Wendy said...

How wonderful of Carol to send such great gifts to your son for his birthday! I can imagine how happy he is with his new Mini!

Von said...

My now 3 year old grandson received lots of hot wheels cars for his birthday and he loves them so much I think he takes at least one to bed with him. :D So I know your little boy is thrilled with his birthday package from Carol!

Keep reading those English books, Yuko. Your English is very good, but reading the children's books will help you improve. My husband often checks out children's books in Spanish from the library to improve his skill. :)

Lillie said...

So sweet of Carol. I can just imagine how happy he is with his new toys.

Lovely gift from Gwen for the HoE exchange.

Olenka's Stitches said...

What a pleasant surprise for both of you, it was so sweet of Carol!