Thursday, June 26, 2008

Pay It Forward!

I've signed up for Sally's PIF (Pay It Forward) member the other day!
I had been interested in PIF very much from a long time ago, but I couldn't have found the owner of PIF at all, so when I found that Sally was taking PIF sign up members on her blog, I immediately asked her if I still could be a member of hers.
I'm so happy that I know her stitching is very beautiful!!

And so, this is my turn.

*** This is how it works ***

If you would like to receive something made by me within the next 365 days, please comment on this post to say that you are interested.

*The rule is "the first three" person will receive something, but there is time difference between most of people and I, so I change this part a bit...
"If there was less than three person, of course I will choose them as my PIF member, but if, if there were more than three person, I would do drawing to choose three person later! "

(The deadline is 29th of June, Sunday! - Japanese time.)

In return you post the same offer on your blog.
Simple and a lovely way of spreading joy in the stitching world.

I hope there will be someone who will sign up for my PIF member!

P.S. There are more than 3 person who would like to sign up for my PIF, I will draw later this weekend! So please leave comment, if you are interested in!
This PIF is open for everyone! Thank you so much for signing up for my PIF member!!


Margaret said...

me me me!! Please can I sign up for your PIF. I promise to spread the joy of stitching as you ask and i would truly love to receive a piece of your work
Margaret S

Lisa said...

Hello Yuko! I've been a reader of your blog for a long time and have loved it. Please sign me up for your PIF. Would be honored to have an item from you, thanks!

MSVietti said...

I have long admired your beautiful work. I have wanted to contact you and tell you how much I enjoy your site. I would love to be in PIF with you.

Margaret in NE FL

staci said...

Congrats to the first 3 commenters...sadly I am #4, lol! I'll look forward to seeing what exquisite little thing you make for each of them :)

Happy be-lated Anniversary! Your figurine is just beautiful!

Jennifer said...

Doesn't it just figure that I am ready to jump into a PIF and all three slots have been taken already? :-( Such a shame too, because I often admire your stitching on your blog. I can't wait to see what you make for the lucky recipients!

Irishenchantment said...

hi yuko if you are doing a draw for the pif can i be included in it please

Ulla said...

Hello Yoko

Sign me in this PIF.
It would be great to be a winner in this PIF.

Have a nice time.
Ulla in the north of Sweden

sachi said...

I would like to sign up for your wonderful PIF. It was a first time to know about PIF. It would be really happy to be chosen your PIF menbers.
Thank you for such a wonderful evnt!
I rally happy just to sign up for your PIF.

Mãe da Rita said...

Hello! I´m greeting you from Portugal ! I use to read your beautifull blog but I never left a comment since today, you can guess way :-D I think you do fantastic handworks and I never entered ia a PIF. I love cross stich but since my 3 years daughter was born I don´t it very often (may be I´ll need a PIF chalenge!!). If you can, please visit my babyblog, it´s in portugues and I still haven´t translation but you can see our photos (select «fotos»). I apreciate and admire your work very much, as well as the kindness and sympathie for all your readers! Hugs for you and your family! Maria-João

Jill said...

Yuko, I would love to be in your PIF. I hope I am not too late!

Anonymous said...

Yuko, please sign me up also for your PIF. What fun....your work is so beautiful. Glad we can chat now and then. I do not have a blog but would still like to enter. pjstitcher