Sunday, June 29, 2008

New And Good Start - EMS Part 1 + Concert Report

First of all, thank you so much for everyone who wished for us to have a great time at Jazz concert.
It was held yesterday, thanks to my mum (she came over here by bullet train - it took about 4 hours! ahd she looked after my son while we were out), my husband and I could go out for concert together.
It was the first time for us to be only two of us, since my son has been born, so it was small present from my mum for us! I really appreciate for her kindness, always!

Anyway, the Jazz concert by MJO (Manhattan Jazz Orchestra) was great!
My husband and I like Jazz, but basically we love slow jazz, so it was almost the first time for us to listen to big band, but I thought it was fantastic, their performance was wonderful!

After the concert was finished, we bought their CD and there was an autograph session of the conductor also a producer David Mathew, so we asked him an autograph on the CD. (Can you see his autograph on yellow CD?)
I tried to speak to him in English and talked a bit with him! He was very gentle and we shook hands with smile!
I was so happy that he could understand my English, I was a bit nervous but there is almost no chance to speak English in Japan, so I tried it!!
We had great time at concert and I think it became nice memory of our anniversary!

By the way, back to stitching subject, I've decided to start EMS Project 2008 "Rose Sampler"!
I was very busy working on Exchange pieces in June, but as I finished them and saw my friend's beautiful piece of "Rose Sampler", I couldn't stop starting it!

My friend used like un-breached (maybe) fabric and very dark brown thread (DMC #3371), and I thought that it was very beautiful combination!

So I asked her if I could copy her combination!
I didn't want this to be too romantic nor too elegant, so this combination is perfect to me!
This photo doesn't show the colour justice, but in the real life, it's very natural and beautiful!

Here is the present progress! I haven't decided the shade colours yet, so there is only single coloured stitch, though...

It was very fun to stitch this design, and I just have finished Part 1.
However there are already published Part 1 to 6, so I'm 5 months behind now...
Soon Part 7 will be published, so actually I'm 6 months behind, but as it was very fun, I think I will be able to go forward a little bit faster than usual!

By the way, thank you so much for signing up for my PIF member.
I will do drawing to pick up 3 person for the member, later tonight!
I will let you know about the result on this blog maybe tomorrow (on Monday), so please check it!

Design : EMS Project 2008 "Rose Sampler" (Freebie)
Fabric : 28ct Wichelt Country French / Cafe Mocha Linen
Thread : DMC #3371


Carol R said...

Happy memories for your Anniversary at the Jazz concert for you and your husband.

I love your start on the Rose Sampler - the dark brown against the fabric is beautiful. Is this an online project?


Ginnie said...

glad you had a great time at your concert.
I think your Rose sampler will be lovely in the brown, I love the way your photos are so nicely presented too.

Nancy said...

Hi Yuko! I am glad that you and your husband had a nice time at the Jazz concert. You will have a very nice memory now.

Your Rose Sampler will be beautiful! I want to stitch this too some day, but I have not started it yet. I may print out all parts and stitch after! I also love your color choice very much!

stitcherw said...

Glad you had such a good time at the concert, how sweet of your mom to come so you could go out together. That's great also that you got a chance to practice your English speaking. What an accomplishment that you were able to have a conversation.

Your new start Rose Sampler is looking so pretty. I love the color combination. You're right, it is classy looking without being overly delicate or dainty.

Susan said...

I'm glad that you had a lovely time at the concert, and a special "date" with your husband. Wow - your mother came 4 hours to babysit on the bullet train - how far away does she live (in miles?)

Andrea said...

So much catching up to do after my week away. Please forgive me as I will have to write a comment for all this past week.

Wow, you have had some amazing finshes and gifts. A Happy 'Belated' Anniversary to you and your husband. It certainly is a beautifil figurine. The biscornu-type pincushion from your friend is wonderful.

samplerlover said...

Hi Yuko,
What a wonderful lady your Mum is to travel 4 hours just to babysit.
It's lovely that you and your husband were able to spend a few hours together enjoying some wonderful music.
I have been collecting the Rose Sampler too. Your colour combinations are lovely and it should look lovely when it is finished. Mine is on my "to do list". I should be around 200 when I finish my "to do list" LOL. = Sandra.

Sally said...

I am so pleased you and your husband enjoyed the jazz concert:)

Lovely new start on the rose sampler. I love the colour you are using.

Anne said...

this rose sampler is just so beautiful, I love the colour and the fabric, I'm looking forward to see the next step on your blog!

Lillie said...

Good to know that you and DH enjoyed the concert.

Good start on your RS

Anonymous said...

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