Sunday, June 15, 2008

Lovely Gift From Maria!

Yesterday, I received a beautiful parcel from Spain, it was from Maria!
She noticed me that she has sent out the parcel from Spain to Japan, but told me it will take about two weeks to arrive to Japan, but it took only 6 days to get here!

I was very surprised, how fast it was!

My son loves Mr. postman or express mail man, so every time something arrived to me, he always comes to me and besides me open the parcel together.
This time is also, we opened her parcel together, and we found so beautiful stuffs in there!

She stitched and presented me very beautiful pinkeep, and very beautiful fabric, postcard from her town and the chart from The Sweetheart Tree!
Look at this beautiful stitched pinkeep! She told me that she knew that I love Pink and she loves Green, so she did stitched this pinkeep with these two colours together!

And also knew that I love smalls, so she made a pinkeep for me to add and increase my collection!
How sweet idea it is!

And the back of this pinkeep, she stitched my name!
Very pretty, isn't it! I LOVE IT very much!
The fabric which is printed lovely flowers on the light blue, she gave me for my Tilda works!

Here is a close up photo of pins and ribbon which she used.
She used light green satin ribbon and this colour and pink are very beautifully match!

I just had been drawing for LHN chart before, and I picked up a piece of paper which Maria's name was on.
She really pleased it and in return, she gave me such a wonderful present.
It was just drawing, so I told her not to need sending me anything in return, but she kindly presented me such beautiful stuffs!

Thank you so much Maria! I'd really appreciate for your kindness!
I will definitely treasure them for a long long time!


Katrina said...

Gorgeous pinkeep, what a nice gift. Pink is always pretty :-).

Katrina said...
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Sally said...

What a beautiful pinkeep. It looks so pretty in pinks and greens:)

Nancy said...

Such a beautiful package from Maria. The pinkeep is so lovely and so springlike with the pretty colors of pink and green. I will look forward to see what Tilda you will make from the fabric she has sent you!

Dovilė said...

So soft and lovely pinkeep.

Julie said...

Very pretty pinkeep and goodies

Kim B said...

So beautiful! Lucky you!

Concha said...

Hi Yuko!
It´s very exciting to see on your blog my little presents. Your photos are wonderful!
It was a pleasure to me to give you them, and I very happy because they like you.
I hope you enjoy them.
With best wishes

Vonna Pfeiffer said...

A gorgeous pinkeep to add to your collection! Hurray!

Margaret said...

Yuko, Aren't you the lucky one! Your collection must be truly beautiful

Anonymous said...

What a lovely pinkeep ! Really beautiful things on your blog.
I'm looking for the shores of Hawk Run but I can't find it.I've seen that you've put it on your "UFO" category. Cathsotte and I are stitching it ; don't you want to join us ?

Nicola said...

That's such a pretty pinkeep. A very thoughtful gift.

orange/chocolate said...

It's a lovely pinkeep. The combination green-pink is very nice!

Carla said...

Beautiful gift!!

Ele said...

Yuks can be happy - a wonderful pinkeep and goodies from Maria.

Have fun with it and my best whishes

Olga said...

Gorgeous gift from Maria! Enjoy!

Jane said...

Such a beautiful gift. I'm sure you'll treasure it always.

Lillie said...

A beautiful gift.

Rachel V said...

Very lovely gift, Yuko! I can tell you love it.

Susan said...

Maria's gift is lovely, Yuko!

Solstitches said...

What a gorgeous pinkeep Yuko.
I love the way your friend stitched your name on the back.

Dani - tkdchick said...

What a beautiful gift!