Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Three small motifs

I've remembered that I had three small frames in the closet which I've bought for a long time ago.
Then the nice idea suddenly came up in my mind!

I decided to stitch small motifs for those small frames.

I searched and found really nice designs for them.
I stitched with dark brown thread (forgot the DMC #...),

A bird is from free chart @ Echevette, and other two are also free chart from A Mon Ami Pierre.
I've chosen and extracted these three motifs from their charts.

Actually I've mistaken to center the fabric for the first one, so tried to add the lace design on the top, and it became much better than nothing, so... it means I should have added the "lace" for other two as well to unify! lol

These are very cute I think and they are my favourites now!
They are hanging on the post (pillar) in my house now!


Rowyn said...

They look great. It's always a good feeling to get a bargain :0)

Margaret said...

Thanks for visiting my blog Yuko. I have just read your blog and have been admiring the pretty things you have made. What a smart idea for finishing your Halloween piece.
I will add your site to my 'Daily Visits' and drop by again soon.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Hitomi said...

Hi Yuko! How cute your new blog is!
Congratulations on it opening.
I'm very happy to see your past works here and am always studying English on your English blogs :)