Thursday, August 30, 2007

Pinkeep Exchange FOR Su (1)

It has just started from a comment to my blog from someone who I have really admired.
Su, who is really talented and stitches soooo many wonderful things always!
I was sooooooooooo happy to got her comment on my works, so I e-mailed her to tell how much I was happy to received her comment!
Then our friendship has started and have decided to do exchange pinkeep each other!

Su told me that the parcel has safely arrived to her (very fast! It took only 3-4days from Japan to England??), so I put some photos of the things what I've made for her!

This is the pinkeep for our "Pinkeep Exchange", I've chosen the design from EEF, because I've known that she loves EEF a lot!
The back of the pinkeep, I added a pocket and stamped her initial and mine on it.
I love polka-dot and "pink" recently, so this fabric was just my taste and thought it would suit well for the back of this pinkeep!

As for the ribbon, I used dark brown + baige checks one, and it's also my taste, lol.

Pins are made by myself with beads, it's easy to make and takes really short time, but when you see the finished one, they are so lovely and make nice accents to the finished item!
I've received sooooooo sweet e-mail from Su, and in the mail, she wrote that she really loves all the things what I've made for her!
I'm soooooooooooo happy to hear that from her, because I was a bit anxious till I've heard of it from her. LOL (everyone will feel the same, I think! lol)

I am still an amateur (lol) , it has only been a year and some months, since I've started cross stitch, and moreover I have been studying English so far, so this exchange with Su was a really big challenge for me!
I'm brave enough, aren't I?! LOL

Since I've started to write this English blog, I have made some lovely friends from foreign countires, and it's all through my addicted hobby "cross stitch"!!
Thank you so much all my friends, people who leave sweet comments here!
I'm so happy to hear your comments, please feel free to leave comments anytime!

And dear Su, I really appreciate for your kindness and generous heart !

[note] "Rose House" Ewe & Eye & Friends 40ct Wichelt Linen : Sandstone / Tea


Susimac said...

As you know I adore everything and I m so glad that we have become friends, I find your English REALLY, really good, you put me to shame as I only can speak a small amount of French and Spanish (learnt from my holidays) and you are so quick to grasp English, even when I write slang english to you ((HUGS))

Noreen said...

That pinkeep is just so kawaii!! I love the neutral colors. You know I have been cross stitching for about 12 years and yet I have not done any pinkeeps or biscornu's yet LOL. May have to try making those later. Love your creation! =)

Claudia said...

This exchange have been so lovely!!! You did a wonderful pinkeep, well finished and with gorgeous pins!! I love the big pearl on top too....

littlehands said...

I also admire the exchange between you and Su, the pinkeep is very precious to be kept. And, I must say your English is good indeed and I love to read it and see your masterpieces!

Sharon said...

Gorgeous pinkeep!

Nancy said...

Thank you for visiting my blog Yuko! You do such beautiful stitching, and I will visit your blog often.

Yes, we do share the Prairie Schooler Wreath SAL!


anja said...

your pinkkeep look fantastic

argone said...

this is really a beautiful exchange ... congratulations to you both !

Aniza said...

Your pinkeep and the bag to Su is beautiful.

Joei said...

It's so pretty!!

yasmin said...

What a lovely pinkeep:))

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe you have been stitching for such a short time, your work is so advanced and very creative. I love the way you have finished the EEF's pinkeep with the little pocket in the back and the amazing pins - so clever :>) I love EEF's and it's interesting to see how other people use their lovely designs.
Best wishes, Angela