Thursday, January 07, 2010

Mum's Crochet AND My Work

Hi, today I share my mum's crocheted vest and also my pleasent work.
I posted that I am stitching six Birth Samplers, though I feel a bit fed up with them, so to change my feeling, I am stitching totally different design!

It's very fun to stitch, I hope I can share you this proper photo soon!
At the moment, like this... only cat's face.
I hope I will go forward more tonight, before I go to bed.
And here is my mum's work. She crocheted my vest that last night finished!
Isn't it beautiful?

I was a bit vague about this colour, though as seeing the photo, it's nice I think!
Now I'm wearing this, it's very warm!
Actually this vest has collar which can take off, though it wasn't so nice, so I didn't show the photo of it, this time.

Thank you mum! Now she is crochetting my son's scarf.Sweetie doesn't like to go to Preschool much lately, so she is trying to crochet his new scarf, to let him go to Preschool with wearing it!
So mum is going to crochet it and has to finish it tonight!!
The new start of Preschool was today, though he refused to go there.
I hope Sweetie goes to Preschool tomorrow...

Take care and happy stitching!
Thanks for your visit!


Carol R said...

I look forward to seeing what you are stitching Yuko! The little peak looks good.

Seeing the beautiful vest that mum had crocheted for you makes me want to search out my crochet hooks and wool and see if I can remember how to do it. I used to crochet dresses for Nicola when she was a little girl.That is a lovely pattern and colour that mum has used and her work is incredible!

Nancy said...

Your Mum's crochet is as beautiful as your stitching Yuko! The vest is very pretty. I look forward to seeing what you are stitching!

jojo said...

I like that green(moss green?).
Your mother is very kind.
Your son will go to kindergarten.

>Yuko's mother "Hanging there!"

Ricki said...

The vest is beautiful!
A wonderful color! very nice for her mother!
Greetings Ricki

Sherri said...

Your mother's vest is lovely! And I really like the color. Happy stitching!

Margaret said...

I like the little peek at your stitching. And that vest is wonderful! I love that green -- I'm a green person. lol! I hope your son starts liking kindergarten again. I think it's hard when a long break occurs because of illness. You miss so much and things have moved along without you. Hopefully he'll get adjusted back again soon. Good luck!

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

Very, very pretty, Yuko. I love the green!!!

yskmtmr said...


Rachel said...

Oh, I can't wait to see a photo of your new work ;)

Your mother's crochet is beautiful! It is a very nice color on you!

I'm sure Sweetie will love his new scarf. Maybe he'll want to go to school and show it off ;)

Good luck on your project and all those birth samplers!

Andrea said...

Your new vest is lovely, a very nice colour too. Looking forward to seeing wnat your mystery project is.

Doris said...

Your Mum's crochet is pretty, as your stitching.

Nina said...

Both of your stitching and Mom's crochet are amazing and beautiful! You are so talented women :)