Thursday, January 21, 2010

Visitation AND Mail Day continue...

Hi, thank you so much for your comments always, I appreciate for you all!
I love read comments, I love comments! :D

Today was a visitation day, so I went to Preschool to see how they are spending everyday!
So it was fun to see them in person!
Today the "Karuta Party" was held at the Preschool, and kids were very good!
Sweetie didn't concentrate on Karuta at all, and he just could get 2 pieces...
Then, he cried because he couldn't get many, lol

He brought back this drawing from Preschool today, he is getting good at drawing just a little by little. He said he drew his teachers and school bus driver! :)

We back home together as always and what was waiting for us is this (photo above)!
Mum and auntie made Apple pies together while we were out!

That was hot from the oven, and then we had them with nice coffee and tea. Yum yum!
They made 4 pieces, so we can have this tomorrow again! :)

By the way, I received a few yellow envelopes from overseas today, too!
One was from Melissa in Canada, we exchanged with scissors and the chart (The Stitching Parlor's "Birds of Killingworth") that I wanted for so long!
Aggahhhh, my 2010's resolution maight be changed by this chart...
I should be patient for a while!!

And also in the mail box there was a puffy envelope from the US, it was the spoils of e-bay.
I won last year's Lizzie*Kate's Double Flip series for Christmas w/linen that I really wanted.
I could buy at about half price than I buy at Japanese shop!

And I won BOAF's OOP "Fair Face"!
It was very lucky, not so expensive than I was thinking!
I heard that Melissa likes BOAF and she has this chart, too so we may stitch together someday in the near future?
I will ask her later! :D

As for my Scissors Blog, thank you so much for your orders!
I'm receiving so many e-mails for the waiting list.

So I think I should order again to the seller!!

Now type "B" and "E-M" are available. If you order these two types, I can send them soon, though as for the other types, please wait for a while until I receive them!

Take care and thanks for your visit!


Doris said...

sweet photos Yuko!
the new chart is gorgeous, a temptation!.
the Apple pie look delicius.

Susan said...

I'm drooling at that apple pie!

That BOAF chart looks lovely - when do you think you'll start stitching on that.

It looks like Sweetie is having a fun day at kindergarten - his picture is really cute!

Cari said...

Tass is quite the little artist - how fun to visit with his whole class.

Oh my that apple pie looks amazing! A perfect after-school snack.

What fun to have so many new charts and what a tough decision to decide which one to stitch first. I love the chart from Melissa and am going to search for it now - it's beautiful.

Enjoy your day.

Margaret said...

What fun to visit Tass's class! He's getting to be quite the artist! Good eye for color. Love your stash too. And that pie -- yum!

Berit said...

What a nice update you made! Tass is so cute with his classmates; I'm glad to see that he resumed attending so you were able to see him at visitation day. :)

Congrats on your nice mail; I just LOVE nice mail. :D I'm lucky that you mailed my order so that I can enjoy the happy anticipation of waiting for stitchy mail! Thanks again!

The pie also looks beautiful; it was good of your mom and auntie to make extra for today!

Melissa said...

What a cute picture with Tass and his friends!

I love those super mail days too. I will email you shortly!

Lucky you with the apple pie! yum!

Angela said...

Oh Tass looks as if he is having such a lovely time at the party and his picture isbrilliant :>)

That pie looks delicious, I can almost smell those lovely warm applesfrom here!

Your patterns are fantastic. I love the BOAF and have got really attracted to their designs recently. I have just ordered a few...haha! Congratulations on wining that wonderful giveaway.
Love Angela xx

Carol R said...

Lovely pictures Yuko! Do I see a little red mini with Tass' lovely drawings?

yskmtmr said...


Laura said...

It's fun to visit your child at school and see their friends and activities, isn't it? I go to my daughter's Kindergarten sometimes to help with computer class. She acts so grown up with her friends. Hope you enjoyed your day and your lovely dessert!

smasua said...

Hi. I'm also a bilingual crossstitcher in Japan. Do kids still play with inubou karuta these days???
The apple pie looks really great!
I'll visit your blog again ;-))

Della said...

Hi Yuko.
I'm from Estonia, I love cross-stitching and my favourites are biscornus...
I do my own project "100 biscornus" - 20 are ready, 80 to do...
I like Your blog and your works...
Happy days to You...