Monday, January 11, 2010

Sneak Peek and so on...

Hi! Thank you so much for your purchasing scissors on my another blog.
I really appreciate for you!
There is no stock at the moment, though I sent an e-mail to the seller and ordered, so I think I would be able to send them out to you soon!

Sorry about this! It was my first try, so please understand it! :D
By the way, now I'm busy working on scissors order, but I couldn't sleep AT ALL last night somehow, so I stitched a bit!
Baby Samplers are nearly ready, too!
I'm excited about seeing them in the frame. I will show them when they finished!

Sweetie Tass watched the TV program about Kite, and he became want to try to do it.
So we bought Kite (not Japanese old fashion type, it's "Pokemon" ), then we went to the shrine where is placed near our house, and I tried very hard, though my mum was dead laughed seeing me doing this!! She said I was very bad on this and was too funny!! LOL

As for Tass, he said he wants to do this, though he didn't see us doing this AT ALL, he was looking at cars all the time, LOL!!! How car crazy he is!
Anyway, we had fun!

By the way, in the last month, I received an e-mail from a man of publisher of Devon Beekeeper's Association in the UK, and he said he wants to use my flowers' (Christmas Roses) photos for the Association's January issue.
I was confused about this, why Christmas Roses and Bee?? etc...

But Carol R. helped me to understand why he wants to use photos of them.

So I lend him my photos with some promises.
Then the other day the issue has arrived safely to me!
There were my photos in the magazine! There was my name written below, I'm so honored that they used my photos! :D

Poor sweetie Tass, he suddenly cried on Saturday and this morning, and he said he has elbow-ache so much, so we visit an orthopedist.
On Saturday, his joint of right elbow has come off...
And this morning, the joint of left elbow has come off...

It often happens on little kids, and will happen again and again a doctor said.

So we are worrying about it while he is in the Preschool, so I will write a letter to teachers.

[Edited] I remember someone told me in the mail that whose snail mail address is different from the address that PayPal showing, but I can't find the mail and don't remember who...Please let me know who it was!!!
Sorry and Thank you!!!!

There is no stock at the moment, though I will ask your order and when they arrived to me, I will leave aside your scissors, I mean I will write your name on the waiting list!

So please don't hesitate to ask me about scissors!

And please visit my scissors blog (here)

Take care and have a lovely week!

Thank you for your visit!


Margaret said...

Oh, I love that cat you're stitching!! And the kite -- I think we all go through a kite stage! lol! We certainly did with our kids! And yes, sometimes they just aren't as interested in really doing it as they thought! Looks like you had fun doing it though! Congratulations on getting your photos in the magazine! You're in high demand these days! Interesting about the elbows -- our daughter got her shoulder joint out once and we were told the same thing about her. It didn't happen again though. Don't worry too much. Hopefully it won't happen again. Poor Tass.

I'm glad your scissors are a success!

Unknown said...

Poor little Tass - my heart just aches for him. Praying that he will heal quickly and it won't happen again!

Love your WIP and how fun to see you flying the kite.

Congrats on having your pictures published - what an honor and a testament to your talent.

Nancy said...

Your sneak peek looks like Garden Cat Yuko! I love this chart. Congratulations on getting your photos in the magazine!

I hope Tass will be better very soon.

Nina said...

That kitty is so cute :) Birds of a Feather desgn?
Congratulations on getting your pictures on a magazine, you can be so proud :) Wow!
Hugs to Tass to has a fast recovery!

Meadows08 said...

I hope your son is feeling better quickly!

Congratulations on getting your photos published!

I'm so excited about my scissors!!! I'm starting to collect embroidery scissors so these will be a nice addition to the collection.

Carol R said...

Congratulations on getting your photos published Yuko! The bee man knows what a great photographer you are!

Hugs and kisses to Tass to get well soon.

I used to worry when flying a kite that the wind would whisk me into the air - no longer do I worry - not even a hot air balloon could manage that nowadays LOL

My Life In Stitches said...

I enjoy reading your blog. I just wanted to say a few things...
I hope you son gets well soon.
I think you are a wonderful stitcher.
I think you are a wonderful mother.
Happy New Year!

Melissa said...

Oh poor little Tass! I hope he feels better soon. One good thing about little kids is that they heal faster!

Congrats on getting your photos in the magazine. How great is that!!! And now you are selling the scissors. You are off on new adventures this year, I think!

Lovely kitty I see in stitches!

Pat said...

Yuko, please add me to the waiting list for scissors type "D". I really like yout cat and look forward to seeing it develop. I hope Tass heals soon! Pat

Blu said...

Congratulations on having your photos in a book!

Rachel said...

Oh, congrats on your photos being in that magazine in the UK. You deserve it; your photos are always gorgeous!

I can't wait to see more of your stitching ;)

I'm glad Tass had fun watching the cars despite his aching elbows! I hope he gets well soon!

Take care ^___^

Pilar said...

Congratulations on getting your photos in the magazine.
I hope Tass will be better very soon (I send him a tender hug)
Take care
Kisses from Spain
(cenefas de flores)

Jane said...

That's so wonderful about getting your pictures in the magazine! What a thrill it must be.

Interested to see more of your kitty design.

I hope Tass feels better quickly. You never like to see your children in pain.