Sunday, January 24, 2010

Zoo, Amusement Park AND Himeji Castle

Today Tass and I went to zoo and wee amusement park where is placed in the site of Himeji Castle by bus, as my mum went to the party of Hula dance that she is having class, so we were boring with no car.
Tass was very excited to go to the zoo from when he woke up, but I was a bit tired in the morning actually, so just after lunch, we left home.
He said he wants to wear my hunting hat today to go to zoo, it's rarely happen that he says he wants to wear hats!
It was a bit funny because it was too big for him, though I respect his idea, maybe because he is awakened to fashion???

After we arrived to Himeji Castle, we took some photos and then entered in the zoo.
Zoo and wee amusement park are in the site of Himeji Castle, although it's very tiny, it's good
enough to spend one day off!

We can't afford to have pets after my dog died, also we often go out, so I wanted him to come in contact with animals very much, so we often go to pet shop.
Today he could touch and cuddle small pets in person, like guinea pigs, rabbits, and sheep!
He seemed having so much fun!! :)
In so many of animals he liked European flamingos and deers!
But he doesn't care about any other animails, like elephant, a giraffe, etc... I thought kids would love them and would be excited, though...
I also like flamingos, they have very beautiful pink webbed feat... It was so beautiful colour!

And deers came to us when I whistled, and licked sweetie's hand!
He was so excited and it made me smile! :)
We also touched sheep, sweetie seemed a bit scared, but walked gingerly to him and touched and run back to me! So sheep followed him and he was so surprised!! lol
After Tass found amusement park, he paid no attention to animals at all (lol) as I thought, he played much!
I also played with him a lot, and took so many photos of him!
So I'm a bit tired now... but it was a very nice day!! :)

By the way, before we went out I received an envelope from Pilar in Spain!
I will post the story of this later!

And after we came home, I received scissors!!So I will work for packing scissors tomorrow!

Thank you customers for waiting for them, I will let you know when they are ready to send out!Take care and have a lovely day!


Susan said...

Great pictures, Yuko! It looks like you both had a fun day out!

Margaret said...

Looks like you both had a lot of fun! Tass is so cute in your hat -- he definitely has a sense of style!

Melissa said...

Oh the happiness of childhood, for the child and the mom! Your photos put a smile on my face!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

The scissors are fabulous!

Nancy said...

It sounds like a fun day for you and Sweetie! He is so cute. It is fun to visit the zoo, isn't it? Flamingoes are one of my favorite things to see too.

Blu said...

Looks like you both had a lot of fun!

Himeji Castle is very beautiful!

Berit said...

Looks like fun; and the site is also very beautiful. Sweetie is very cute and funny in your too-big-on-him hat. :D

Michelle said...

It seems as if you both had a great time! Thank you for all the pics.

Anonymous said...

Seems like you had a great time ! It's good that Sweetie likes animals.
I stitched Carol's latest design with some of the Cosmo threads you sent me : it looks very pretty. Go and have a look.

Rachel said...

Yuko, it looks like you and Tass had a great time at the amusement park and Himeji Castle!

Have a great day!