Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Scissors sent out AND Corrections

Hi all, thank you so much for your visit to my blog and my scissors blog!
I appreciate for all and your comments.

As for the scissors, I sent them out.
I have already sent e-mails to the customers, the post officer told me that the scissors could be understood as arms, so your countries' custom may open the parcel that I sent...

I think it will take about 1~2 weeks to arrive to you!
I hope you'll like them!!!

By the way, I looked for very hard to find these "E type" scissors, and found some.
But I realised there are 2 sizes.
So I corrected my scissors blog, sorry about this.

S size (10cm) - $12
M size (13cm) - $14

And today I sent the parcels out, though the shipping fee was expensive than I thought, so please let me correct the cost for shipping - 1st item from $2 to $3, please.
I'm sorry about this, and please forgive my all of mess...

Take care and have a lovely week!
Thanks for your visit!


Anonymous said...

I am not sure that you have received my order (sent by email to your "scissors" address), as you have not sent me any confirmation of receipt. Please let me know how I should proceed.

jojo said...

Hi Yuko,
You have another blog,don't you?
I join to PayPal recently.
It's very convenience.

Your photos(christmas-rose)helped someone,it was very nice.