Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Scissors Trade And My Collection, WIP

Hi, how are you?
Thank you for your visit and comments, I appreciate for you all to spend time for my blog.

Today I share my scissors collection (not so many, though) and new scissors from Spain!
Photo above is my collection at the moment, I left some pair of scissors at my home, so I think I have more... like heart handles from Kelmscot Designs, etc...

These two pair of beautiful scissors came from Spain!
Pilar in Spain and I trade scissors! She told me these are famous Spanish scissors from CLAELES!
Aren't they stunning?

When she showed me these scissors' photos, I soon said "OK, let's trade!" (lol)
I know I have only 2 arms, but I like scissors, just like many other of stitchers! :)

kindly sent me some beautiful fabrics (in the 2nd photo), lace, ribbon, threads, and gel sticker for Tass!

How kind lady she is! Thank you so much Pilar always for your warm heart!!!
I really appreciate for you!!

As for my WIP, "Quaker Garden" by BBD is going ahead slowly.

But!! I have found stupid mistake, the both side of triangle which is shown a white bird in it should be symmetry, but... can you see the difference??

In the big triangle there should be only six wee triangles on the one side of a trianble, but on the left side, I have stitched ten triangles!! How silly!

I was going to go forward as ignoring the mistake, but now as seeing the photo it's quite different, so now I decided to undo... whew

When I have started, I noticed it on my post, though the linen is shown marbled, right?
But it's not original...

I accidentally have spilt water on the linen!
That was just a small area, though it was also in the stitch area, so I spilt more water on purpose, then made marbles to be like vintage look.

I don't know how will this look at the end, I hope it will go well and beautiful!

Thanks for your visit!

And Happy Stitching!

Design : "Quaker Garden" (Loose Feathers #19) © Blackbird Designs
Fabric : 30ct Garden State Java by R & R Reproductions
Thread : WDW and GAST


Nina said...

What a beautiful scissors collection you have, Yuko! Wow :)
Your progress is fantastic!
Sent you an email ;)


staci said...

Those are gorgeous scissors from Pilar...I'm all jealous, lol ;)

QG is very pretty! And the splotches on your fabric look like they were meant to be there, I wouldn't have known if you hadn't said anything :)

Sylvie said...

I know those scissors and also the factory which is in my town. Congratulations you have a great collection. I love embroidery scissors too and I have some of them.


Melissa said...

A lovely scissor collection, Yuko! It was so lovely to have those scissors from Spain via Pilar. It's fun to trade isn't it?

Quaker Garden is coming along nicely. I know what you mean about mistakes. Some are better fixed now than bothering you much later when you are further on!

Natasha said...

Beautiful scissor collection Yuko. I cant wait for my two scissor to come in that I am on the waiting list for :0)

I really thought the fabric was aged like that on purpose. It looks FANTASTIC, it really does. Makes it look like an antique :)

Take Care

Berit said...

I love seeing the scissors collections of anyone, but especially stitchers. I have loved them since I was a little girl; they are just that great!

I see what you mean about the "mistake", but I still think this project is looking really good. I like the way the linen looks; if you spilled water it was a good thing!!

I also noticed that the colour is called "Garden State Java". New Jersey, where I am now living, is "The Garden State" (its Nickname), so I wonder if that's what they are referencing. If It's meant to look like Coffee from here, then it is probably from Dunkin Donuts (or could be the ubiquitous Starbucks) or even a Diner; NJ is also unofficially "The Diner State". Lots of 24 hour diners around; Mostly named for the town they are in. Also, they mostly have good food (Well, some are good for sandwiches, while others are better for their Entrée selections. I should make a blog about this, because it is so different from Oklahoma, my original home. :D

Sunny said...

WOW what a scissor collection you have. I need to start collecting some...

Hugs Sunny

Nancy said...

You have a wonderful collection of scissors! The scissors from Spain are gorgeous Yuko! I can see why you love them.

Your Quaker Garden is looking beautiful! This is one of my favorite samplers that I have framed. You will love it when it's finished!

Pilar said...

Hi Yuko,
Thanks for your kindly words. You have a beautiful scissor collection. It Is funny to made an exchange ,
isn´t it?
I'm looking forward to receiving your scissors!!!
Hugs and kisses

Andrea said...

Great scissor collection and wonderful progress on Quaker Garden.

Pilar said...

Yuko, my link is wrong in your blog.
The correct link is :


Alena said...

Just a very beautiful collection!!!

Margaret said...

Wonderful scissor collection! My daughter brought me back a pair from Spain so I have a pair similar to one of yours! Love your Quaker Garden too!

Susan @ Real Girl Designs said...

Very impressive collection, Yuko!

Jane said...

Your scissor collection is coming along nicely, Yuko. Those Bohin scissors (on right) that you received from Pilar, I have also and they are gorgeous!

Quaker Garden is looking lovely. I know what you mean by the mistake. You yourself,know what it's supposed to be and it's hard to look at it being different. You could leave it and call it your own version of it. It doesn't look that bad really. It's whether you can live with it. I love how your water spillage has added that 'vintage look' to your fabric too!

Haven't received my scissors yet but hopefully they'll turn up this week. :) I'll let you know when they do.

Yasuko (yskmtmr) said...

Quaker Gardenも素敵♪。ヴィンテージ感の斑は、きっと作品の綺麗に演出してくれると思いますよ(^-^)。

Evik said...

How beautiful collection of scissors, Yuko!

Your Quaker Garden looks great. I like it very much :)

Have a very nice day

angelasweby said...

Yuko, your scissors collection is a pleasure to look at, i can see why it makes you so happy. The ones from Spain are stunning. It's extra specially nice to think you have made a friend as well as receiving beautiful scissors.

I'm so sorry you have made a mistake with Quaker Garden. Just unpick it when you are watching an interesting film or having a cup of tea and a nice chat with your mum or friends, then it won't be a chore...haha! I love the homemade vintage look. I'm sure it will look wonderful when it's finished.
Angela xx

Evik said...

Yuko, as you will have a minute, please look at my blog. I have a surprise for you;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Yuko - your scissor collection is awesome :) You have some beautiful varieties there!

Can you please do me a favour and send me your mailing address, along with your favourite colour? My email is Thanks so much :P

Sally said...

You have a beautiful collection of scissors Yuko. I think all us stitchers like to have more than one pair. I have a few too!

Quaker Garden is looking very pretty.

Anonymous said...

beautiful blog