Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Surprise gift from Italy AND My WIP

Hi, today was a super mail day!
I was busy going for shopping to the craft shop to frame and make mats for Birth Samplers, etc...
And after shopping I went to Preschool to pick up Tass, and when went back home, there was a puffy envelope from Italy in the mail box!
It was from my dear friend Chiara (no blog)!
She told me that she sent me something earlier, but it was quite fast so I was surprised!

I jumped and run into the home with Tass and opened the envelope.
Look, there was this stunning small zipper bag for me and inside it there was Gloriana silk!
How beautiful this bag is! The flower print stands out like real flower!

And this is the back side, it's also so beautiful, isn't it?
I love both sides very much, and you know this is her work!!
She is a mosaic artist and also she works for making bags!!
I admire of her works so much, and she is a very charming lady and I love her!

Inside of the bag, there is her webshop's tag.
She has her own web shop "BISYBEE" and you can find many of her wonderful works there!
I added this banner (below) on the left side bar on my blog, so you can visit her webshop whenever you want!

Thank you so much, lovely Chiara!
I really appreciate for your warm heart!

And I also received my super stash from USA (e-bay), and Tass received some books his dad, it was a car encyclopaedia... lol, I should be asked SO many times from him "Lookie, mummy, look, look, what is this car???
I know what would happen... it will never stop, whew...

By the way, I finished stitching BOAF's cat, so I was looking for something to stitch next.
And I found this "Quaker Garden" in my WIP file, and suddenly I felt like stitching this very much somehow!

The last post of this stitch was "June 26, 2007" (above), almost 2.5 years ago? wow...
It's not WIP, it was UFO, lol...

I don't know why I left this for so long, it's so much fun to stitch now!
I'm going to keep stitching this and want to finish this!!
I already asked how much would it cost me if I framed this with sample.
Uhmmm.... I think about it, but I want to let this in the nice frame!

It would be very beautiful!!!
I will also ask online frame shop about the cost.
(Sorry for the wrinkled fabric...)


By the way, Scissors that I have sent as a first parcels have already arrived to some homes!!
I heard from Hungary and USA, so customers who ordered from these countries, please watch your mail box! :D

I have sent second parcels today from the post office, I sent e-mail all of them.

If you don't hear from me, please let me know!
I hope everyone will like the scissors!

Take care and have a lovely day!

Thanks for your visit!

Design : "Quaker Garden" (Loose Feathers #19) © Blackbird Designs
Fabric : 30ct Garden State Java by R & R Reproductions
Thread : WDW and GAST


Margaret said...

Beautiful gift, and wonderful BBD piece! I have that in my UFO pile to be stitched too. lol! It's so pretty! I received my second pair of scissors that I ordered but not the first pair yet. Pretty funny, huh? Got them yesterday in the mail. Nice scissors! Thank you!

Cari said...

Yuko, what beautiful gifts you received. I always love receiving pacakges in the mail.

Oh, this design by BBD is wonderful and somewhere in my stash. Can't wait to see your finish on this one.

Enjoy your day.

Nancy said...

Your friend send you a gorgeous gift Yuko! Her art is amazing, and like you said, the flowers look so real.

Your Quaker Garden is looking lovely! I hope you can finish this the way you want to. I have this sampler framed, and it is one of my favorites.

Anonymous said...

You get very lovely gifts Yuko,and your BBD is looking so beautiful !

Have a nice stitching day !

Nina said...

What a wonderful gift you have recieved, Yuko :) And you WIP is also a lovely one, I love BBD designs :)



Melissa said...

That is a super mail day. What lovely gifts!

I love Quaker Garden too. I stitched it last year I think and loved it.

I will let you know when my scissors arrive - hopefully today!

valerie said...

Lovely gifts! Your Quaker Garden is coming along beautifully!

heather said...

Such a pretty gift, and lovely BBD. My scissors came yesterday, and I love them. Thank you so much!

Irene said...

Lovely bag, off to look at your friends web shop.

Anonymous said...

You are a wonderful friend,Yuko.
Thank you so much for everything-:)
Love from Chiara

JOLENE said...

How beautiful your bag is. Your friend is very talented. Your sampler is coming along nicely and so pretty, too.

Jane said...

What a lovely day you had with shopping, packages, and stitching. I have Quaker Garden as a UFO too. It's about half done. I should pick it up again someday. Maybe you will inspire me!

Susan said...

What a gorgeous gift you received from your friend - that bag is adorable.

I love your Quaker Garden - I can't wait to see more progress on this one!