Tuesday, January 05, 2010

So Far So Good!

Hi, how are you? I wish you a wonderful New Year starts!
As for me, I have been fine so far, and also my mum and son!

Today we went to have a vaccination of Swine flu for my son.
He might have had it before, but we're not sure it was Swine flu or normal flu, so just to make sure.
He was very afraid of injection as Japanese type isn't spray type, but he didn't cry.
After injection, he kept saying "I am a good boy, aren't I?" lol
The rule has priority, so we can't have it yet... I hope we won't catch the Swine flu!

By the way, as I wrote my 2010 New Year's resolution on the last post, I'm starting Baby (Birth) Sampler for my friends and SIL (my brother's wife)!
The year before last and last year, I had so many friends and relatives who's pregnant around, maybe more than 10 people!
That's why, I'm stitching many of it!

Can you see, there are six pieces, I think I may stitch one more for another friend!
When I was stitching for my friends, SIL was there when we all gathered for the New Year.
She gave birth a baby girl in the last Nov. , so I asked her "if you would like to have this kind of embroidery, I would stitch with pleasure." timidly, because I was thinking we have nothing in common... BUT! SIL asked me, if I can make three for her each children.
I was very happy to hear that from her, as I was thinking she doesn't like what I do!

So far, Birth Samplers are like this... have to add their name and date (one over one, sigh...), and also add charms!
Oh, I should finish 6 pieces... how, I have an idea in my mind, hope it will go well!

Here is my mum's work, she is doing crochet, she is crocheting my vest.
And also she is knitting my cape? poncho, as well.
It seems goal is soon!

Here is chocolates that my Auntie gave us! They were REALLY yum!!
I have never had such delicious chocolates before.
I think I wrote the shop name on the paper to check the website, though I think now I lost the paper... shame!
I will ask my Auntie later, or will search it on the net.

[Edited] Shop web site :
I forgot to write that the rose chocolate smelt rose, really! When you smell the chocolate, there is no smell, though when you eat it, it smelled rose!!!

Take care and have a lovely New Year!

Thanks for your visit.


Evik said...

this Birth Sampler is beautiful! Simple and very nice :)
I love it ;)


Nina said...

I agree with Evik, this Birth smapler is so nice, simple and beautiful! Does it hard to stitch more times?
Sweets are amazing!! OMG how beautiful are they!

Melissa said...

How wonderful you are doing all those birth samplers! I am sure the moms will be very happy with them!

Your mom's crochet looks great, and the chocolates - yum!

Margaret said...

What a lot of birth samplers! Good luck with them all! I love the crochet your mom is making -- so pretty! The swine flu vaccine -- my kids are covered but not my DH and I. Hope we don't get it too!

Nancy said...

Good for you Yuko that you are enjoying your new year stitches! The birth samplers look very pretty. I am enjoying my new year stitches too! Your mum's crochet is beautiful, and the candy looks delicious!

Vaida said...

Wow, the same sampler 6 times? You are extremely patient!
Love your mum's crochet project, looks very pretty

Berit said...

I think it's wonderful that you and your SIL were able to understand each other through your needlework! Surely she will treasure something that you have made which represents your children!

I am glad to hear that Sweetie's vaccination went so well--he was very brave, it seems to me.

Your mother's work is beautiful! Technically, I can crochet, but I could not make anything so lovely!

niina said...

What a beutiful baby sample you are making! And that schocolade must be yammy:)

Blu said...

Wow! I'm impressed that you're stitching the same pattern so many times!
I'm sure everyone will appreciate such beautiful pieces!

Natasha said...

Thank you for sharing what type of camera you use when taking photos.

Wow 6 baby samplers :) I am sure your friends will treasure them.

I got my flu shot a few months ago and now I am also thinking about getting the swine flu shot. I do not like needles either

Have a good day and take care

Brigitte said...

Good to hear that you started the new year well and that you are feeling so good. But how can you not feel good when you have such wonderful chocolates, lol.
That's a very nice birth sampler that you will be sticthing. Wow, six times, that's a lot. I wish you a lot of luck for it.

Carol R said...

You have been busy stitching 6 baby samplers - from what I can see they all look lovely and I am sure they will be much appreciated! Can I have a better look at those scissors please - a peek isn't enough!! LOL

A beautifully crocheted vest by mum - I know where your talent comes from.

Not only did you entice us with pictures of delicious chocolates you show us where to get them! The red 'rose' one is very pretty but the dark chocolate at the back looks very tempting!

yskmtmr said...

6つもbaby samplerを作っているんですね!とっても素敵なデザイン、みんなきっと喜んでくれるでしょう(^-^)

staci said...

That is a lot of birth samplers Yuko! I bet you could stitch them in your sleep :)

Angela said...

I'm so glad tass was able to get the swine flu inmjection quickly, it's a big worry off your mind. What a brave boy he was :>)
Wow, six birth samplers, there are a lot of people celebrating. I once stitched the same design 6 times and, like you, began them all at once. it was a good idea.

I adore chocolates especially dark ones and fruity one.s Yours look so yummy. Your auntie has good taste.
Finally your mum's crocheting is amazing. What a lovely colour and pattern. Next I want to see you modelling it :>)
Angela xx

Rachel said...

Sweetie is so brave to get the swine flue vaccination! Good for him ;)

I love your birth sampler pieces so far! I can't wait to see them finished.

Your mother is so talented! I can't knit or crochet :*(

Those chocolates look lovely.